Salary Grade 2023 in the Philippines

Salary Grade is a system of salary classification used in the Philippines to determine the compensation of government employees. It is based on Executive Order No. 201 signed by former President Benigno Aquino III on February 19, 2016.

In 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Salary Standardization Law of 2019 (SSL 5) to increase the salary of government employees. The salary schedules of government workers will increase in four tranches every January from 2020 until 2023.

The Salary Grade system has 33 levels, with Salary Grade 1 being the lowest and Salary Grade 33 the highest. The Salary Grade of an employee determines their base pay, which is then complemented by other benefits such as allowances and bonuses.

There are also 8 steps for every salary grade. The 1st salary step is the minimum or hiring rate. The 2nd to 7th salary steps are the intermediate salary rates. The 8th step is the maximum salary rate.

The minimum salary for government employees with Salary Grade 1 in the Fourth tranche is Php 13,000 per month, while the maximum pay for employees with Salary Grade 33 is Php 419,144 per month.

The Salary Grade system also ensures that government employees are paid based on their qualifications and experience.

Overall, the Salary Grade system aims to provide fair and equitable compensation for government employees based on their skills, education, and experience. 

Salary Grade 2023

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8
Salary Grade 113,00013,10913,21913,32913,44113,55313,66613,780
Salary Grade 213,81913,92514,03214,14014,24814,35714,46814,578
Salary Grade 314,67814,79214,90515,02015,13615,25115,36915,486
Salary Grade 415,58615,70615,82715,94816,07116,19316,31816,443
Salary Grade 516,54316,67116,79916,92817,05717,18917,32117,453
Salary Grade 617,55317,68817,82417,96218,10018,23818,37918,520
Salary Grade 718,62018,76318,90719,05319,18919,34619,49419,644
Salary Grade 819,74419,92320,10420,28520,48620,65320,84021,029
Salary Grade 921,12921,30421,48321,66321,84422,02622,21022,396
Salary Grade 1023,17623,37023,56523,76223,96124,16124,36324,567
Salary Grade 1127,00027,28427,57327,86528,16128,46228,76629,075
Salary Grade 1229,16529,44929,73730,02830,32330,62230,92431,230
Salary Grade 1331,32031,63331,94932,26932,59432,92233,25433,591
Salary Grade 1433,84334,18734,53534,88835,24435,60536,97136,341
Salary Grade 1536,61936,99737,38037,76838,16038,55738,95939,367
Salary Grade 1639,67240,08840,50940,93541,36741,80442,24742,694
Salary Grade 1743,03043,48843,95144,42044,89545,37645,86246,355
Salary Grade 1846,72547,22847,73848,25348,77649,30549,84050,382
Salary Grade 1951,35752,09652,84753,61054,38655,17455,97656,790
Salary Grade 2057,34758,18159,03059,89260,76961,66062,56563,485
Salary Grade 2163,99764,94065,89966,87367,86468,87069,89370,933
Salary Grade 2271,51172,57773,66174,76275,88177,01978,17579,349
Salary Grade 2380,00381,20782,43283,68385,04986,43787,84789,281
Salary Grade 2490,07891,54893,04394,56296,10597,67499,268100,888
Salary Grade 25102,690104,366106,069107,800109,560111,348113,166115,012
Salary Grade 26116,040117,933119,858121,814123,803125,823127,876129,964
Salary Grade 27131,124133,264135,440137,650139,897142,180144,501146,859
Salary Grade 28148,171150,589153,047155,545158,083160,664163,286165,951
Salary Grade 29167,432170,166172,943175,766178,634181,550184,513187,525
Salary Grade 30189,199192,286195,425198,615201,856205,151208,499211,902
Salary Grade 31278,434283,872289,416295,069300,833306,708312,699318,806
Salary Grade 32331,954338,649345,478352,445359,553366,804374,202381,748
Salary Grade 33419,144431,718______

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