Medical Technologist Salary in the Philippines

Medical Technologist Salary

Medical technologists are one of the most important healthcare professionals in the Philippines. They are responsible for performing a wide range of laboratory tests that help diagnose and treat various diseases. As such, they play a critical role in the healthcare industry, and their work is highly valued. If you are considering pursuing a career … Read more

DL Codes LTO: Driver’s License Restriction codes


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) assigns restriction codes to driver’s licenses to indicate the type of vehicles and driving conditions the license holder is allowed to operate. These DL codes contain alphanumeric codes ranging from A to CE with each code corresponding to a specific type of vehicle or driving condition. For example, restriction code … Read more

Nurse Salary Grade in the Philippines

Salary of nurses in the Philippines

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) issued Budget Circular No. 2021-2, to provide the guidelines on the upgrading of the salary grade (SG) of Nurse II positions from SG-15 to SG-16, as well as the retention of position attributes of previous Nurse III to Nurse VII with their corresponding SG. This is pursuant to … Read more

Salary Grade 2023 in the Philippines


Salary Grade is a system of salary classification used in the Philippines to determine the compensation of government employees. It is based on Executive Order No. 201 signed by former President Benigno Aquino III on February 19, 2016. In 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Salary Standardization Law of 2019 (SSL 5) to increase the … Read more

Philippine Army Ranks and Salary

Philippine Army

The Philippine Army is the main branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines responsible for conducting ground warfare. It was established in 1935 and has since then been tasked with various functions and responsibilities. The primary function of the Philippine Army is to provide security and protection to the country’s citizens and its territory. … Read more

Philippine Navy Ranks and Salary

Philippine Navy

Established on May 20, 1898, the Philippine Navy is part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Their primary responsibility includes training soldiers for naval and maritime operations and patrolling our country’s borders alongside the Philippine Coast Guard. The Department of National Defense (DND) currently administers the Philippine Navy, which is composed of two main … Read more

ARO Luzon AFPSAT Exam Schedule 2023


The Army Recruitment Office (ARO) Luzon announces the mobile testing sites schedule for AFPSAT this 2023. They will be in the following venues: Baguio City and Benguet Province for OCC, OCC-ROTC, and POTC applicant registration and pre-entry exam. AFPSAT Schedule Luzon and Registration The Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT), Army Qualifying … Read more

AFPSAT Registration 2023, Schedule & Requirements


We will be discussing what AFPSAT means, who needs to take it, and the requirements needed, as well as the registration online. What is AFPSAT? AFPSAT is an acronym for The Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test. It is the unified written entrance examination that is utilized in the initial recruitment and selection process … Read more

Napolcom Exam Schedule 2023: PNP Exam Requirements, Coverage


The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) is responsible for the conduct of Police Examinations for aspiring patrolmen/women (PNP Entrance Exam) as well as those who are already in the service (pnp promotional exam). The Napolcom Exam is held twice a year in different testing centers nationwide. If you are planning to enter the PNP, the first … Read more