Criminology Reviewer and Reading Materials

criminology reviewer

In order to become a licensed criminologist in the Philippines, you have to passed the Criminology Board Exam conducted by the the Professional Regulatory Board of Criminology supervised by the PRC.  If you are looking for reading materials and reviewers, then look no further. We have collected some that might be of help with your review. … Read more

LTO Reviewer Tagalog 2021 with pdf

lto reviewer tagalog 2020

If you are looking for an LTO Reviewer Tagalog, this might be of help. The reviewer below is from the Land Transportation Office website. Also Read: LTO Reviewer for Professional Driver’s License applicant LTO TAGALOG REVIEWER 2020 Habang nag mamaneho, dapat kang tumingin sa “side and rear view mirrors” ng:Answer: Mabilis o Madalian Sa isang … Read more

LTO Reviewer for Professional Driver’s License applicant

lto reviewer tagalog 2020

REVIEWER FOR DRIVER’S LICENSE(PROFESSIONAL – LIGHT VEHICLES) Having a driver’s license is a:Answer: Privilege A Public Utility Vehicle can only be driven by a holder of a:Answer: Professional Driver’s License A steady red cross (“X”) in tollways means:Answer: You cannot drive through this lane Drivers of public utility vehicles are prohibited from:Answer: Overcharging fares and … Read more

LTO Reviewer for driver’s license examination

lto reviewer tagalog 2020

If you are looking for LTO reviewers for driver’s license examination we collect some that might help you. The reviewers are from LTO website. Questionnaire for NON-PROFESSIONAL DRIVER’S LICENSE APPLICANTS REVIEWER FOR DRIVER’S LICENSE(NON-PROFESSIONAL-LIGHT VEHICLE) Traffic jam can be prevented if you:Answer: Keep opposing lanes open When making a right turn you should:Answer: Stay on … Read more

AFPSAT Reviewer 2020 and practice test

AFPSAT reviewer

Interested to join the military? AFPSAT is the first part of the application and recruitment process. It is mandatory for applicants to take this exam regardless of what branch (Army, PAF, Navy, Marines) you decide to enter. Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT) consist of 150 items questions. The coverage includes Abstract … Read more