teacher salary in the Philippines

Public School Teacher Salary in the Philippines 2020-2021

Are you curious how much a Public Teacher earned per month in the Philippines?

Teachers are important in the society. They are not only role models but also serve as guide to our children. They deserve to be treated with respect as well as be given good compensation.

Public Teacher Salary in the Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Salary Standardization Law of 2019 which aims to increase the salary of government employees starting 2020 until 2023. Below is the salary increase for teachers:

Position with corresponding Salary Grade2019
(last SSL)
(1st tranche)
(2nd tranche)
(3rd tranche)
(4th tranche)
Teacher I
Salary Grade 11
Teacher II
Salary Grade 12
Teacher III
Salary Grade 13
Master Teacher I
Salary Grade 18
Master Teacher II
Salary Grade 19
Master Teacher III
Salary Grade 20
Master Teacher IV
Salary Grade 21

Teacher Benefits and Compensation

Public teachers has also some benefits and compensation.

Clothing/Uniform AllowanceP6,000
Mid-year Bonus1-month basic salary
Year-end Bonus1-month basic salary
Cash giftP5,000
Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI)P5,000/year
Anniversary BonusP3,000 (NOTE: given only during a milestone year which is every 5 years)
Performance-Based Bonus –Ranges from 50-65% of the basic monthly salary depending on school performance
Proportional Vacation Pay (PVP)70 days PVP during summer and Christmas break for those who have rendered full services during the school year
Cash/Chalk AllowanceBefore- P3,500/year/teacher
Nov. 9, 2020, Under Senate Bill 1092, will increase as follows:
SY-2021-2022- Php 5,000
SY 2022-2023- Php 5,000
SY 2023-2024- Php 7,500
SY 2024-2025- Php 10,000


  • One step increment for every three (3) years of continuous satisfactory performance
  • One of two step increments due to meritorious performance using the Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS)
  • Loyalty Cash Incentive depending on the number of years in service (starting on the 10th year amounting to P10,000 and P5,000 after every 5 years)
  • Special Hardship Allowance to teachers assigned in hardship posts (cannot be reached by regular means of transportation through hiking or banca/motorcycle rides), mobile teachers and multigrade teachers (15-25% of basic salary)
  • Honoraria for teaching overload subject to funds availability
  • Leave privileges (Maternity, paternity, study leave)
  • Additional incentive/allowances from LGU (selected divisions)
  • Vacation service credits (maximum of 15 days per year)
  • For mobile teachers, P2,000 per month for transportation allowance (Program Support Fund)
  • For mobile teachers and DALCs, P5,000 per year for instructional materials
  • In-service training (Program Support Fund)
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  • GSIS Benefits: Retirement and Life Insurance Premiums (RLIP)
  • PhilHealth Benefits: Hospitalization, Annual Physical Exam
  • Employees Compensation Program (ECP) Benefits

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