Double pay for work on regular holiday dated June 5 and 12

When holidays are brought up, students tend to be excited because of the suspension of classes. But how about for the employed?

It’s a totally different story for the corporate world. Companies may ask the employees to work during the holiday because of their nature of work. The payment would depend on the kind of holiday he worked on.

Recently, President Duterte announced June 5 and 12 a regular holiday in observance of Eid’l Fitr and Philippine Independence Day, respectively.

Regular Holiday on June 2019
Regular Holiday on June 2019

With this regards, Department of Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre Bello III issued a labor advisory prescribing the proper wages of the private workers during these holidays.

In the advisory, workers who will report to work shall be paid twice their regular salary that day. While on the other hand, employees who did not go to work shall still be paid their wages in full. In addition, if the employee worked overtime an additional of 30% of their hourly work will be paid.

Moreover, those who worked on a regular holiday that also fell on their rest day shall be paid an additional 30 percent of their basic wage of 200 percent.

Regular holiday Vs. Non-working holiday

Regular holidays are those that usually have a fixed date. This includes New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Christmas Day. The only exceptions to this rule are National Heroes Day and the religious holidays of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Eid’l Fitr, and Eidul Adha.

Employees who do not report to work will still receive their salary for a regular holiday. While if they will work they will get twice as their regular salary.

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On the contrary special non-working holiday are more flexible. Apart from being enacted by Congress, they can also be declared under the judgment of the President. It will also be no payment if you did not report to work. And an increase of at least 130% of the sum of their daily rate.

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