10 Tips on taking the Civil Service Exam

Civil Service Examination Tips

There is no such thing as one-night success. In every successful individual, there is a process that he or she needs to go through. If you really want something you need to work hard for it. Do the things that need to be done. But don’t do it haphazardly instead do your best so in the end, you won’t regret it. Don’t just wait because it won’t come knocking at your door.

The same thing for the civil service exam. If you are really determined to work in the government, then start doing something now.

First thing first, if you are still confused with what civil service exam is read it here. See also if you are exempted to take the exam.


1. Apply as early as possible.

The application process takes time. Complete the requirements as early as possible. I will tell you that this will save you from a lot of headaches. It will help you to focus more on reviewing.

2. Review for the exam.

No soldier goes to war without his armor. The best thing for you to succeed is to be prepared. Yes, you won’t know what questions will be asked on the exam but you know the scope of the exam. Start there. Coverage for the exam is given including the topics. There are also reviewers that you can read online and download.

3. Believe in yourself

The best attitude in any given situation is being optimistic. You have to be positive with yourself. No one will believe in you unless you will start believing in yourself. What you think is almost always what you attract.

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4. Pray

This is the best amongst the first three I’ve given. Pray for guidance and success. Whatever efforts you put into something will just be wasted if you are not rightly guided. Prayer also helps to keep you calm.

5. Know your room assignment.

Before the examination day, it is better to know your room assignment. I do not mean that you only have to know the building and the number. Sometimes it is not enough. Visit the venue of the exam and your room assignment ahead of time. By this, you will not be worried about finding it on the day of the exam.

6. Sleep early the night before the exam.

A good rest before the night of the exam is your edge. Do not cram yourself anymore. This is the time to relax your mind so you will be in good condition by the time you wake up. You will be able to wake up early and eat your breakfast.

7. Go to the venue early.

Proctors will not wait for you to start the exam. The exam will proceed even without you. So better to go early to the venue. Remember how it is very traffic in the Philippines. This will cause stress and trouble for you. The early bird catches the early worm.

8. Answer all the questions as much as possible.

Don’t leave anything blank. Even if you are not quite sure about your answer. What I’m usually doing is that I answer the questions that I know first and skip the questions that I am not sure. But I make sure to come back for the skip questions.

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9. Do not stay too long on one question.

Since the examination is timed, it is not wise at all to stay on one question for too long. Try to be conscious of the time but not to the point of being too rush.

10. Stay calm the whole time.

Do not panic and lose control of yourself during the exam. This may lead to a blackout. You will forget about the things you review and focus more on your fears. Relax, breathe and have the mindset that you can nail the exam.

These tips are not only applicable to the Civil Service Exam but in all exams in general. I hope this will help you. Goodluck.

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