Feb. 24 Non-Working Holiday in the Philippines

Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. declares February 24, 2023, as a special (Non-Working) Holiday throughout the country as per proclamation no. 167.

This is in commemoration of the anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

“To enable our countrymen to avail the benefits of a longer weekend pursuant to the principle of holiday economics, the celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary may be moved from 25 February 2023 (Saturday) to 24 February 2023 (Friday) provided that the historical significance of Edsa People Power Revolution Anniversary is maintained”. Proclamation No. 167 said.

The President directed the Department of Labor and Employment to issue the appropriate circular to implement this proclamation for the private sector.

Marcos signed the proclamation on the 23rd of February 2023.

Proclamation No.167 pdf copy below:

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