Monoh Shopee Sorting Facility Location

If you are using Shopee to order online products, I’m sure you encounter different Sorting facilities like Soc 3 or Soc 4 as well as the Monoh Sorting Facility when tracking your parcel. I have been hearing complaints that mostly their packages are stuck in Monoh and it takes a long time for it to … Read more

Soc 4 Shopee Location

soc 4 location

Shopee is the leading online shopping platform in the Philippines. You can find almost everything in there not to mention the affordable price, ease of check out as well as Payment upon delivery. If you order from shopee, you may be familiar with the Soc 3 and Soc 4 Sorting Facility when tracking your parcel. … Read more

Soc 3 Shopee Location Philippines


Have you ordered an item in Shopee and the delivery has been delayed a lot? And upon checking the delivery details it is stuck in SOC 3 or in Soc 4. What is Soc 3? Where is it located? and why it seems like it’s not moving from there? Let us find out the answers … Read more