Monoh Shopee Sorting Facility Location

If you are using Shopee to order online products, I’m sure you encounter different Sorting facilities like Soc 3 or Soc 4 as well as the Monoh Sorting Facility when tracking your parcel.

I have been hearing complaints that mostly their packages are stuck in Monoh and it takes a long time for it to deliver and sometimes fail to be delivered. We will tackle what is this Monoh Sorting facility, where it is located, and how to track your parcel once it reaches the said facility.

Where is Monoh Sorting facility?

Monoh sorting facility is a centralized location where packages, parcels, or mail items are collected, organized, and prepared for distribution to their final destinations. These kinds of facilities play a crucial role in the logistics and delivery process, particularly in large-scale shipping operations.

As for the location of Monoh sorting Hub, it is located somewhere in Manila. When your parcel arrived in Monoh it means that it arrived in a 2GO Sorting Facility. This also means that you can track it using the 2GO Tracker on their website.

On the other hand, you can also contact the 2GO Express hotline at (02) 87799222 to inquire regarding your parcel. Make sure to prepare your tracking number which is a 9 Alphanumeric series. You can find this on the tracking page in the Shopee App which look like this MONOH(:XXXXXXXXX).