How to Activate DITO Sim?

Do you want to try the new DITO sim card and see if their network is as fast as they are advertised? Do you have a signal of DITO towers in your area? If yes is your answer then first you have to buy a DITO sim card and then activate it. Below is the guide on Dito Sim Activation.

According to Dito, their subscribers already reached 2 million nationwide. The count is increasing just months after their official commercial launch. If you want to know if your phone is compatible with Dito Sim Card, you can check it here.

How to Activate DITO Sim Card?

It is easy to activate the DITO Sim card, these are the steps to take to activate it:

  1. Download the DITO App – So if you have other sims or you have a wi-fi connection then download first the app via Google Playstore or the Appstore for Iphone users. DITO App will be your dashboard in every process you want to accomplish like loading your SIM, check your balance, and share a load or data and other things like promos you can avail by having said sim card.
  2. Insert your DITO Sim – just insert your DITO sim in your phone so that you can start activating it.
  3. Next is turn on VoLTE – Turn on the Voice over LTE capability of the sim, different phones vary on how to do it. These are the simple steps to follow on how to do it:
  4. Turn on mobile data.
  5. Go to Settings and click Connections.
  6. Choose Mobile Networks.
  7. Locate and turn on VoLTE Calls.
  8. If successful, you will see the VoLTE icon on the status bar.
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If such steps failed, you can search in Cellular Network, Call or Call Settings or you can search for “VoLTE” or “Voice over LTE” in Settings.

  • Change APN Settings – This is seem like a complicated step but don’t worry you can follow these simple steps:
  • Go to Settings and click Connections.
    • Select Mobile Networks.
    • Choose Access Point Names.
    • Click the Add button and type in the APN field. Click OK to save.
    • Turn on mobile data (if you haven’t done so already) and wait for the welcome message.
  • Login to DITO App – Open your DITO app.  Click “Sign in with your DITO number” and login using the initial password included in the welcome message. After that your sim card is activated and you can now use it to surf online or use it in your everyday communication.

The DITO sim and its network are gaining ground to subscribers of the said sim because of its faster more reliable communication technology by bringing you a faster data connection which is the selling point of the company to their customers. Have you tried using Dito? Share with us your experience in the comment section.