How to apply for Mobile Number Portability in Philippines?

Mobile Number Portability Act allows users to have a permanent mobile number no matter what service provider they are using. President Duterte signed it into law on February 8, 2019. It officially takes effect on September 30, 2021.

According to TCI general manager Melanie Manuel, “We wish to announce to the Filipino people that as of today, Sept. 30, the core services of mobile number portability are now ready, We do expect to experience some inconveniences as we start offering the service, but we are confident that with the continued cooperation and hard work of our three partner telcos, we can say that finally, forever is here.”

Mobile Number Portability Act
Mobile Number Portability Act


Qualifications for Mobile Number Portability

  • No balance with the network provider.
  • Mobile number used in a device is not locked to any mobile service provider
  • 60 calendar days must have lapsed from the date of activation of the ported number
  • No pending request for transfer of the mobile number
  • No order from a court of law stopping the mobile number porting
  • Not blacklisted by a service provider due to previous fraudulent activities

How to switch networks with the same number?

The application to switch from network to network and from postpaid to prepaid service is free of charge. If you wish to retain your mobile numbers when switching to another service provider you should follow the steps here.

Mobile Number Portability Globe. Switch to Globe

1.) Prepare your requirements. Make sure that you’re out of contract and you have your Unique Subscriber Code (USC) on hand. To request a USC, text USC to 5050 using your existing mobile number.

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2.)Fill out the application form at Make sure to complete all details required to switch your current number to Globe Prepaid/TM. We’ll let you know if you’re eligible to switch within 48 hours after submitting your application.

3.) Wait for your Globe Prepaid/TM MNP SIM. Once your application is approved, Globe will deliver your free MNP SIM (within 3 days for customers in Metro Manila, or within 7 days for customers everywhere else).

4.) Activate your new Globe Prepaid/TM SIM. Enter your 6-digit Prepaid Porting Code after inserting your new Globe Prepaid/TM MNP SIM into your device. To enjoy your new service, make sure to download the New GlobeOne app!

Mobile Number Portability Smart. Switch to Smart

There are two different types of mobile number porting in smart. These are the internal porting and external porting.

  1. Internal Porting: Retaining your current mobile number as you move from postpaid to a prepaid subscription, or vice versa, within the Smart network.Example:
    • Smart Postpaid to Smart Prepaid or TNT
    • Smart Prepaid or TNT to Smart Postpaid
    • SUN Postpaid to Smart Postpaid or Smart Prepaid or TNT
  2. External Porting: Retaining your current mobile number as you switch subscription to Smart or vice versa. Example:
    • Globe Prepaid to Smart Prepaid
    • Globe Postpaid to Smart Postpaid
    • TM to TNT
    • DITO Prepaid to Smart Prepaid
    • Globe Platinum to Smart Infinity

External Porting

Interested subscribers from other networks who want to switch to smart need to prepare the following:

1. Unique Subscriber Code (USC)

– This is a 9-digit code issued by your current network provider to start the porting process

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– This serves as a clearance that your account is free from unpaid fees and balances.

– This is valid for fifteen (15) days upon the date of issue.

2. Standard Postpaid Application Requirements (For Postpaid only).

3. Last Postpaid Statement of Account, if applicable (For Postpaid only).

Sign up for Mobile Number Portability here.

Internal Porting

For existing Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers:

  1. Any Valid ID
  2. Proof of Ownership of SIM (For Prepaid only).
  3. Standard Postpaid Application Requirements (For Postpaid only)

For more details visit the Smart Website.

Mobile Number Portability DITO. Switch to Dito

Here’s how you can port your mobile number to DITO:

1.) Visit any DITO Experience Stores or download the DITO App.

2.) Sign up for MNP from your current network provider and submit the required documents to receive your Unique Subscriber Code.

3.) Sit back and relax while they complete your transfer to DITO.

Don’t forget to bring the following:

  • One (1) valid and ID
  • Valid Unique Service Code (USC) (expiry of USC is 15 days after issuance)

So that’s how to apply for other networks to maintain the same number you have. DITO Telecommunity, Globe Telecom, and PLDT’s Smart Communications formed the three big Telcos that will implement the said law.

Therefore, your number is forever.

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