DOST Scholarship 2023 opens application: Benefits & Requirements

DOST Scholarship
DOST Scholarship

The DOST Scholarship 2023 application is now open. Calling all Grade 12 students who are interested to pursue their Science and Technology degree programs in college.

If you are a student looking for a college scholarship to help your parents or you’re a parent who’s looking for some financial help to at least lighten your load from school fees, then this is a good opportunity.

There’s also a scholarship for Regular third-year college- the DOST JLSS Scholarship Program.


When to apply

Start of Online Application Period19 September 2022
Last Day of Online Application and Uploading of Requirements2 December 2022
Schedule of Qualifying Examination11-12 March 2023

Aim of S&T Undergraduate Scholarship

The aim of Science and Technology Undergraduate Studies is to stimulate and entice talented Filipino youths to pursue lifetime productive careers in Science and Technology. In addition, they want to ensure a steady, adequate supply of qualified S&T human resources which can steer the country towards national progress.

DOST Scholarship Qualifications

For both scholarships, qualifications include:

  • 1.1. Graduating Grade 12 male and female students in SY 2022-2023:
    • STEM STRAND: All students belonging to the STEM class
    • NON-STEM STRAND: Must be in the top 5% of the graduating class, if belonging to the Non-STEM strand
  • 1.2 Graduate of Grade 12 before SY 2022-2023 and did not enroll in college yet:
    1. STEM STRAND: All students belonging to the STEM class
    2. NON-STEM STRAND: Must be in the top 5% of the graduating class, if belonging to the Non-STEM strand
  • 1.3 Graduate of high school before the K-12 Program. Must belong to the top 5% of the graduating class.
  • 2. Must have grades in Grades 9, 10, and 11.
    • 2.1 The scores in the Philippine Education Placement Test Certificate of Rating are acceptable if you skip a grade.
  • 3. Must be a natural-born Filipino citizen.
  • 4. Must be of good moral character and in good health.
  • 5. May have taken the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Examination but did not qualify for the scholarship; OR may have qualified for the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship but did not avail of the award.
  • 6. Must NOT have earned any post-secondary units.
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Two types of Scholarship

They are offering two types of scholarships. One is the RA 7687 and the other one is the Merit scholarship. Find out the difference between the two.

RA 7687

Republic Act No. 7687, also known as the “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994”, provides for scholarships to talented and deserving students whose families’ socio-economic status does not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators. Qualifiers must pursue priority fields of study in the basic sciences, engineering, other applied sciences, and science and mathematics teaching.


The DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program, formerly known as the NSDB or NSTA Scholarship under RA No. 2067, is awarded to students with high aptitude in science and mathematics who are willing to pursue careers in the fields of science and technology. 

There are additional qualifications in RA 7687 that are not included in Merit.

In RA 7687 they are prioritizing poor and talented students who belong to a family with low socioeconomic status and a resident of the municipality for the last 4 years. See the lists below.

DOST Scholarship Benefits

Good benefits and privileges await the DOST scholars. It includes not only a regular academic year but also summer school.

Tuition and other school fees₱40,000.00 / year
Book Allowance₱10,000.00 / year
MS/PE uniform (1st Semester of First Year only)₱1,000.00
Group Health and Accident InsurancePremium
Transportation Allowance
(for those studying outside of their home province)
1 economy-class roundtrip fare
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month
Graduation Clothing Allowance₱1,000.00
B. Summer Allowance (if required in the curriculum)
Tuition and other school fees₱1,500.00
Book Allowance₱500.00 (to submit Official Receipt)
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month for two months

DOST Scholarship Requirements

The DOST Requirements to be submitted are the following:

  • Certified Copy of Permanent Student Record (Form 137) for Grades 9, 10 and 11
    • Must be duly signed by the School Principal/University Registrar
  • Recent picture, passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches)
    • Must show the face of the Applicant, 80% of the picture
    • Must be colored, with white background
    • With the name tag position at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin): Full name, handwritten- First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name, if any (e.g. JUAN C. DELA CRUZ, JR.), and signature over printed name
    • Taken within the last three (3) months prior to the filing of the application
  • Birth Certificate
    • Readable copy.
    • It May be issued by the PSA, NSO, or the Municipal Registry Office
  • Parent/s or Legal Guardian’s 2020 Income Tax Return / BIR Form 1701 / Employment Contract for OFW / BIR Certificate of Exemption from Filing of ITR / Certificate of Indigency / Certificate of Employment with Compensation / Proof of Pension
    • Clear, signed copy.
    • Annual Gross Income must be clearly indicated in the document.
    • The particular document depends on the parent’s class of worker.
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DOST Scholarship has priority courses. Check the DOST Courses here.

How to Apply for DOST Scholarship 2023?

DOST Scholarship Application is done by clicking this link Read the instructions and prepare the required requirements.

Issuance of Test Permit

The Qualified Applicant will be issued a test permit bearing his/her test center and test session and other pertinent information relative to the examination.

This will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address before the day of the examination.

Admission of Examinees

The examinee is required to present his/her vaccination card or negative antigen test result administered within 48 hours before the scheduled examination.

You can check out our Guide on the DOST online application here.

For any questions and concerns,

please contact the S&T Scholarship Division at
tel nos.: 8371333/ 8390083/8372071 local 2382; 
cellphone no.: 09278868816; 
e-mail: [email protected]


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