List of DOST Scholarship Priority Courses

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship Program is an esteemed opportunity for Filipino students aspiring to pursue a career in science and technology. This scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also opens doors to prestigious institutions and specialized fields of study.

In this article, we will delve into the list of DOST priority courses for scholars. Before taking the exam make sure that your preferred course is included in the list below.

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List of DOST Accredited Courses

Programs Covered by the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships

Bachelor in Mathematics Education
Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education with Specialization in Information and Communications
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
BS Aeronautical Engineering
BS Aerospace Engineering
BS Agribusiness
BS Agribusiness Management
BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
BS Agricultural Biotechnology1
BS Agricultural Chemistry
BS Agricultural Economics
BS Agricultural Engineering
BS Agricultural Technology
BS Agriculture
BS Animal Husbandry
BS Animal Science
BS Applied Mathematics
BS Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance2
BS Applied Physics
BS Applied Physics with Applied Computer System
BS Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering2
BS Applied Statistics
BS Architecture
BS Astronomy
BS Astronomy Technology
BS Basic Medical Sciences6
BS Biochemistry
BS Biology
BS Biology for Teachers
BS Biotechnology
BS Ceramics Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering
BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry Major in Business3
BS Chemistry for Teachers
BS Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems
BS Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering2
BS Civil Engineering
BS Clothing Technology
BS Community Nutrition
BS Computer Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Electrical Engineering
BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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BS Environmental Engineering
BS Electronics Engineering
BS Environmental Science

BS Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design
BS Fisheries
BS Food Science and Technology
BS Food Technology
BS Forestry
BS Geodetic Engineering
BS Geography
BS Geology
BS Geothermal Engineering
BS Health Science
BS Human Biology5
BS Industrial Design
BS Industrial Engineering
BS Industrial Management Engineering-Information Technology3
BS Industrial Pharmacy
BS Information and Communications Technology
BS Information System
BS Information Technology
BS Information Technology Systems
BS Instrumentation and Control Engineering
BS Life Sciences
BS Management Information Systems2
BS Manufacturing Engineering
BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Biomedical Engineering3
BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Mechatronics and Robotics3
BS Marine Biology
BS Marine Science
BS Materials Engineering
BS Mathematics
BS Mathematics and Science Teaching
BS Mathematics for Teachers
BS Mechanical Engineering
BS Mechatronics Engineering
BS Medical Laboratory Science
BS Medical Technology
BS Metallurgical Engineering
BS Meteorology
BS Microbiology
BS Mining Engineering
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
BS Nutrition
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Packaging Engineering
BS Petroleum Engineering
BS Pharmaceutical Sciences
BS Pharmacy (4-year program)
BS Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy (5-year program)
BS Physics
BS Physics for Teachers
BS Psychology
BS Public Health
BS Speech Pathology
BS Statistics
BSE Biological Sciences
BSE Biology
BSE Biology-Chemistry4
BSE Chemistry
BSE General Sciences
BSE Mathematics
BSE Physical Sciences
BSE Physics
BSE Physics-Chemistry4
BSE Physics-Mathematics4
BSE Science
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

1 UP System only
2 4yrs, ADMU only
3 DLSU-Manila only
4 4yrs, USC only
5 3yrs, DLSU-Manila only
6 4 yrs, UPM only

STUDY PLACEMENTS (Schools Accredited by DOST for the Scholarship)

University of the Philippines

State Universities and Colleges

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Private Institutions that are recognized by CHED as Centers of Excellence or Centers of Development or have FAAP Level III accreditation for the priority S&T programs of study.


The DOST Scholarship Program catalyzes fostering scientific and technological excellence in the Philippines. By offering financial support and access to specialized educational institutions, the program opens doors to a vast array of career opportunities.

The DOST scholarship paves the way for a bright future, enabling students to contribute to the development and progress of the nation through their chosen fields.

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