Philippine Navy Nurse Salary, Qualifications

In times of crisis and conflict, the Philippine Navy stands as a pillar of strength, protecting the nation’s maritime interests and ensuring the safety of its citizens. Amidst the brave men and women who serve in the Philippine Navy, there exists a group of exceptional individuals often overlooked and underappreciated—the Philippine Navy Nurses.

These dedicated healthcare professionals play a crucial role in providing medical care and support to naval personnel, both in times of peace and during humanitarian missions. This article aims to shed light on how to join the Philippine Navy Nurses, Qualifications, Salary, and Requirements.

Philippine Navy Nurse Qualifications

The qualifications that aspiring Navy Nurses Corps must possess to embark on this noble career path, contributing to the nation’s maritime defense and humanitarian efforts:

  1. Natural-born Filipino: The first prerequisite for becoming a Philippine Navy Nurse is being a natural-born Filipino citizen. This requirement ensures that the individuals entrusted with the responsibility of serving in the Navy have a deep-rooted sense of loyalty and commitment to their country.
  2. Citizen of Good Moral Character: Integrity and moral uprightness are crucial qualities that a Navy Nurse must possess. Candidates must demonstrate good moral character through their conduct, actions, and interactions. This requirement emphasizes the importance of maintaining ethical standards and upholding the values of the Philippine Navy.
  3. Single and has never been married: The requirement for Navy Nurses to be single and without prior marriages is intended to ensure their readiness and availability for military service. The nature of naval operations often involves extended deployments and demanding schedules, necessitating a level of personal flexibility and dedication.
  4. Registered Nurse (80%): To qualify as a Philippine Navy Nurse, candidates must be registered nurses. They should have successfully completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and passed the nursing licensure examination, attaining a minimum grade of 80%. This qualification ensures that Navy Nurses possess the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality healthcare.
  5. 1 year Clinical Experience: Having at least one year of clinical experience is an essential requirement for aspiring Navy Nurses. This hands-on experience allows nurses to develop their practical skills, gain exposure to various medical conditions, and enhance their decision-making abilities. It also prepares them for the challenges they may encounter in a naval setting.
  6. Fit for Active Military Service: Physical fitness is crucial for military service, and Navy Nurses are no exception. Candidates must undergo medical examinations and assessments to determine their fitness levels. This requirement ensures that Navy Nurses are capable of meeting the physical demands of their roles and responding effectively in emergency situations.
  7. Height: 5’0 or 152.4cm: As part of the physical requirements, Navy Nurses must meet a minimum height requirement of 5’0″ or 152.4cm. This criterion ensures that individuals can fulfill their duties effectively, especially in naval operations that may involve tasks requiring certain physical attributes.
  8. Age: 28 years old upon Commission: The age requirement for Navy Nurses is that they should be 28 years old upon commission. This stipulation allows individuals to gain relevant experience and maturity before taking on the responsibilities and challenges associated with the position.
  9. Must pass the AFPSAT: The Armed Forces of the Philippines Service Aptitude Test (AFPSAT) is a standardized test designed to assess candidates’ mental aptitude, logical reasoning, and other cognitive abilities. Passing this examination is a prerequisite for entering the Philippine Navy and serves as an indicator of an individual’s suitability for military service.

Philippine Navy Nurse Salary and Benefits

Being a Philippine Navy Nurse offers numerous benefits and privileges, making it an attractive and noble career path. Aspiring Navy Nurses have the opportunity to contribute to the nation’s maritime defense and humanitarian efforts, serving their country and making a meaningful impact.

The career also provides progressive career development, allowing nurses to continually grow and advance in their profession. Moreover, Navy Nurses enjoy the chance to travel abroad, expanding their horizons and gaining valuable international experience. The profession also offers access to local and foreign education, ensuring continuous learning and professional development.

In terms of healthcare and housing benefits, Navy Nurses are provided with comprehensive medical coverage and comfortable living arrangements. Furthermore, they enjoy pension and retirement benefits, ensuring financial security in the future.

One of the highlights of being a Navy Nurse is the competitive salary, with a starting pay of Php 43,686 while in training. This salary is accompanied by additional pay and allowances, further enhancing the financial rewards of the profession.

Overall, being a Philippine Navy Nurse not only offers fulfilling service to the country but also provides a range of benefits and privileges, including a competitive salary, making it an excellent choice for aspiring nurses.


If you are planning to apply to a Navy Nurse Corps in the Philippines, you need to prepare the following initial requirements:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of Records
  • College Diploma
  • Board Rating Certificate
  • PRC License
  • IV Therapy Card
  • Certificate of Clinical Experience

How to apply as a Navy Nurse in the Philippines?

Submit the application to:
Naval Station Jose Francisco, Bonifacio Naval Station
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

For inquiries please contact (02) 843-6764 or email [email protected].


The Philippine Navy Nurses embody the spirit of selflessness and dedication, ensuring the health and welfare of naval personnel both at sea and on land. Their unwavering commitment to providing quality healthcare services is an integral part of the Philippine Navy’s mission. It is imperative that their contributions be acknowledged, appreciated, and supported, ensuring they can continue to fulfill their vital role in protecting the nation’s maritime interests and serving as the guardians of our seas.

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