Philippine Passport Requirements and Online Appointment

Filipinos usually love to travel outside the country. Some travel for work and often times just to enjoy. But before you can exit the country, you must have your important document with you- a passport.

A passport prior to traveling should be valid for at least 6 months or else you won’t be allowed to travel. If you still don’t have a passport and planning to get one, read the DFA passport requirements and application process below. Whereas, if you like to renew your passport see the step-by-step guide for passport renewal.

For lost passports and other special cases, additional documents are required. Read the Additional Requirements for special cases in the Passport Application.


Requirements for Philippine Passport

This is for a New passport-Adult application.

1. Confirmed Online Appointment

Before applying for a passport, one should secure an Online Appointment (click here). But if you belong to these lists of people who may avail the courtesy lane, then you don’t need an appointment anymore.

2. Personal Appearance

Applying for a passport shall be made in person since they need to take your fingerprints and a photo of you. What is the Proper Attire to wear?

You need to wear decent clothing for the passport photo capture. Plunging necklines, sleeveless clothing, spaghetti-strapped tops, see-through tops, Sando, tube tops, and halters are prohibited.

3. Accomplished Application Form

For those who made an appointment online, the application form will be filled out online which you can print out. For those exempted from an online appointment, here is the Application form that you need to fill up.

4. Original copy of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Authenticated Birth Certificate on Security Paper

Married Females (who are using their spouse’s last name) must also submit an original copy of the PSA Authenticated Marriage Contract on Security Paper or Report of Marriage

Local Civil Registrar Copy may be required if PSA Birth Certificate is not clear or cannot be read

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5. Any of the following Valid IDs with one (1) photocopy 

Valid IDs for Passport include:

  • Social Security System (SSS) / Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO) Driver’s License. Student Permit may be accepted if in card format.
  • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) E-Card
  • Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Election Officer with Dry Seal
  • Philippine National Police (PNP) Firearms License
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Airman License (issued August 2016 onwards)
  • School ID (if applicable)
  • Current Valid ePassport (For Renewal of ePassport)
  • For applicants based overseas, they may use their host government-issued IDs showing their Philippine citizenship. (Example: Residence Card)
  • PhilPost ID

Passport Appointment

1. Make an Online Appointment

Go to this link to schedule an appointment. Choose whether you want an individual or group appointment. Check the box to agree with the terms and conditions.

Dfa Online Appointment
DFA Online Appointment

2. Pick a Site and Date

You will need to fill out some information like the site location, date and time, Personal Information, Family Information, Application Information, and Contact Information. A red asterisk means it is required to be filled out.

Site Location– Choose where you want to apply for a passport. Just choose the most convenient site.

Date And Time– Pick the day and time you want to go to the DFA. A calendar is shown with the red and green color. Green color are the available dates, while the dates in red are either full or not yet available.

Pick a date on DFA Passport Application Appointment
Pick a date on the DFA Passport Application Appointment

Remember that sometimes even if you did not see any available appointments does not mean that they have been completely taken up. Try to click REFRESH as online appointments become available from time to time.

You can also CHECK THE NEXT OPENING as slots are made available at 12:00 noon and 9:00 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays except holidays.

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If you find a slot available, it will be reserved on you for 15 minutes only so make sure to finish the appointment within that time limit.

3. Fill out the Application Form Online

DFA Passport Appointment
DFA Passport Appointment

Personal Information– Your name, mobile number, email address, etc. Remember to use an active yahoo or google email address.

Family Information– Your parent’s name and your spouse name, their citizenship.

Application information– Type of Application, citizenship, and emergency person’s contact number.

Contact information– Your home address or office addresses and contact numbers.

Make sure to enter the correct information and review it before proceeding to the next page. Submit your application.

4. You can then proceed to payment.

You will be asked to choose between Regular (Php 950) or Express Processing (Php 1200). All passport applications processed on Saturdays are charged Php1200.00

You will then pick for a designated payment center and payment options. A total amount will be shown on the screen and then click Proceed.

You will receive an email regarding your Payment instruction and Payment Reference Number. Remember to pay for your slot within 24 hours. Otherwise, your slot will be forfeited and you have to make another online appointment.

Proceed to your preferred Payment Center to pay the passport processing fee.

Present your reference number at the Payment Center upon payment of the passport processing fee.

One reference number corresponds to one transaction. If you are paying for multiple reference numbers, you need to pay separately for each reference number.

Keep the receipt that will be issued to you.

After your payment, an email will be sent to you with PDF attachment that contains your completed application form, and the Electronic Receipt. Print this out before going to the DFA site.

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5. Personally show up at the DFA Consular Office

Show up on the date and time indicated in your appointment and make sure to bring a printed copy of your confirmed passport appointment packet and bring the original copy and a photocopy of the requirements.

You should be on site not earlier than 30 minutes on your selected date and time of appointment at your chosen consular office.

Don’t forget the “No Escort” policy of DFA.

Upon entering, the first step is the Verification where the employee will check your requirements and verify your appointment. Then you will be proceeding to the Processing area. In here your requirements will be double check and will then issue you a tentative date of release. Next will be Data encoding and biometrics where you’ll be asked to confirm your information. A passport photo also will be taken afterward.

Pieces of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces and colored contact lenses are not allowed during photo capturing.

They will handle you a receipt which you need to bring on the date of release of your passport. You can choose the delivery option in some DFA Sites. That’s it.

6. Claim your Passport

You should bring the passport receipt for the release of your passport. In case of a lost passport receipt, an Affidavit of Loss is required. Check if all the data on the passport are correct before leaving the Consular Office. Claim your passport.

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