Philippine Passport Renewal 2022 and Requirements

Philippine passport renewal is easier and faster compared to when you are getting a new one. But before renewing your passport make sure that you are holding an e-passport.


What is an e-passport?

DFA passport renewal
Sample of e-passport with microchip

An e-passport is a new passport that has a microchip on the cover. Usually, you can find it at the bottom in front. That chip is where your biometrics data are kept. See the photo for a sample of the e-passport.

You can renew your passport if it is already expired, or will expire after a few months, and if a few or no more blank pages remain.

Remember that if your passport is the old Brown Passport, Green Passport, Machine Readable Passports (Maroon), or any older Passport, you will not be allowed to renew, instead, you need to get a new passport. Check out how to get a new passport here.

Philippine Passport Renewal Requirements

These are the requirements for Philippine passport renewal:

1. Confirmed Online Appointment

Same with the application for a new passport, renewal also required you to schedule an appointment (click here). But if you are among these categories, you won’t need an appointment for applying for a passport.

2. Accomplished Application Form

The application form can be printed online if you set an appointment. But if you are exempted from the online appointment, you can download it here.

3. Current e-Passport with a photocopy of the data page

Don’t forget to bring a copy of the e-passport with you. Make sure that your passport is an e-passport as described above.

If your name has been changed, you need to provide the supporting documents:

  1. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name
    • Marriage Contract
    • Annotated Birth Certificate
    • Annotated Marriage Contract to show annulment/divorce/court-ordered instruction
    • Death Certificate of Spouse
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NOTE: If a woman opts to retain the maiden name, a Marriage Contract is not required.

The application process is the same as getting a New Passport.

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