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Comelec hiring: Commission on Elections Job vacancies

The Commission on Election (COMELEC) is hiring. The following positions are available. See the photo below.

Comelec hiring

Election Officer IVS.G. 21MAIN OFFICEOFFICE FOR OVERSEAS VOTINGEO4-18-201810/22/202011/13/2020
Election Officer IVS.G. 21MAIN OFFICEOFFICE FOR OVERSEAS VOTINGEO4-19-201810/22/202011/13/2020
Election Officer IS.G. 12MAIN OFFICEOFFICE FOR OVERSEAS VOTINGEO1-10-201810/22/202011/13/2020
Election Officer IS.G. 12MAIN OFFICEOFFICE FOR OVERSEAS VOTINGEO1-11-201810/22/202011/13/2020
Election Officer IS.G. 12MAIN OFFICEOFFICE FOR OVERSEAS VOTINGEO1-12-201810/22/202011/13/2020
Provincial Election Supervisor IIIS.G. 25REGION XIOFFICE OF THE PROVINCIAL ELECTION SUPERVISOR, DAVAO DE OROPES3-7-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Planning Officer IVS.G. 22MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTPLO4-1-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Planning Officer IIIS.G. 18MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTPLO3-1-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Management Analyst IIS.G. 15MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTMAA2-1-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Planning Officer IS.G. 11MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTPLO1-2-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Management and Audit Analyst IS.G. 11MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTMAA1-1-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Management and Audit Analyst IS.G. 11MAIN OFFICEFINANCE SERVICES DEPARTMENTMAA1-2-199810/22/202011/13/2020
Administrative Officer II (Budget Officer I)S.G. 11MAIN OFFICEFINANCE SERVICES DEPARTMENTADOF2-10-200510/22/202011/13/2020
Administrative Aide IV (Budgeting Aide)S.G. 4MAIN OFFICEFINANCE SERVICES DEPARTMENTADA4-71-200510/22/202011/13/2020
Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)S.G. 3MAIN OFFICEPLANNING DEPARTMENTADA3-30-200510/22/202011/13/2020

Application Requirements

Interested applicants must submit the following documents via email for their applications to be processed and considered:

  1. The main body or message of the email should be an application letter indicating the position applied for, item number, name of the department/office where the vacancy exists;
  2. Properly accomplished and updated Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, revised 2017), with Work Experience Sheet (attachment to CS Form 212) – please refer to this guide for instructions on how to fill up the Personal Data Sheet;
  3. Scanned or image copy of the transcript of records;
  4. Scanned or image copy of diploma and/or certificate of graduation;
  5. Scanned or image copy of the certificate of civil service eligibility, membership in the Philippine Bar, PRC board rating/license (whichever is applicable to your circumstance);
  6. Scanned or image copy of employment with actual duties and responsibilities from current or previous employers (if applicable);
  7. Scanned or image copy of certificate/s of training/seminars attended;
  8. Scanned or image copy of performance rating (IPCR) for the last rating periods (if applicable);
  9. Scanned or image copy of a valid (not expired) NBI clearance; and
  10. Scanned or image copy of Ombudsman Clearance with official receipt (only for those who are applying for positions with salary grade level (SG) of 11 and above).
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  • Please refer to the List of Vacancies for the required information (position, item number, department/office) that must be specified in the Application Letter.
  • Original documents of items 3 to 10 should be on hand and ready for presentation upon request.
  • Applicants must email their applications to [email protected] with the required documents included as file attachments.
  • Applications with incomplete information and/or supporting documents will not be processed and/or entertained.
  • Only shortlisted applicants who meet the qualifications standards (QS) will be contacted.

You can use this Self-Assessment Guide to check whether your supporting documents for your application are complete.

Submission of Applications

The Main Office processes the applications for the following positions/offices:

  • All Main Office vacancies
  • Provincial Election Supervisors
  • Assistant Regional Election Directors
  • Regional Election Directors

For the duration of the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, the Personnel Department will only be accepting applications via email through [email protected]. Please make sure that the total size of your file attachments do not exceed 25 MB. If you are applying for multiple vacant positions, please specify the vacant positions you applied for in the main body or message and send only one (1) email. Applicants with multiple emails will be blocked by our spam filter.

The Offices of the Regional Election Directors processes the applications for the following positions in field offices:

  • Election Officers
  • Election Assistants
  • Attorney III stationed in the Offices of the Regional Election Director
  • Computer Maintenance Technologist I

Applications for the said positions in the field offices should be submitted directly to the Office of Regional Election Director with jurisdiction over the field office where the vacancy exists. Please refer to the COMELEC Directory for Regional Offices for details regarding their email addresses.

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For any queries regarding applications and vacancies

For inquiries about the published vacancies or questions regarding the application process, you may contact the Personnel Department via email at [email protected].


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