RA 11934 PDF Sim Card Registration Act

A new law has been passed that will help crack down on scammers who send misleading text messages. The Sim Card Registration Act (RA 11934) requires all end Users to register their sim cards electronically through the Telcos website or any registration facility.

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What is RA 11934?

An Act acquiring the registration of all Prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (Sim Cards). Also known as Sim Card Registration Act.

The registration of a sim card will not cost you anything meaning it’s totally free so beware of people asking for payment. It covers both prepaid and postpaid.

For people with existing sim, they must register 180 days from the effectivity of the law otherwise it will be deactivated.

The registration will be at the point of sale which means that a sim will not be sold to a person who refused to give his personal information.

What information is required from you?

The required information includes your full name, sex, address, date of birth, sim card number, and sim serial number.

To register, you also need a valid government id, with a photo. Submit the Original and True Copy of any of these:

  • Driver’s License
  • Phillippine National I.D
  • SSS/GSIS Card
  • UMID card
  • Passport.
  • Senior Citizen Card
  • NBI clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Firearms License *Voter’s ID
  • TIN ID
  • IBP ID
  • Government Office ID
  • PWD card
  • School ID (for minors)

Are you allowed to purchase or register sim cards for others?

Yes, as long as you are authorized through a Notarized Special Power of Attorney, an Original and True Clear Copy of any Valid ID with a Photo of the Principal and representative.

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For Minors, the Parent or Guardian is required to provide written consent with the registration form and valid id of the minor and the Parent. Moreover, the sim card should be under the name of a parent or a guardian.


Refusal To Register P100,000 to P1 Million

Breach of Confidentiality P 500,000 to 4 Million

Providing False information or Fake IDs, Spoofing a registered SIM, Selling stolen SIM: Jail time 6 months – 2 years and a fine of up to P300,000

RA 11934 PDF download here:

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