Globe Sim Registration: How to register Globe Sim?

The Sim Card Registration Act requires the registration of new and existing sim cards electronically through the Telcos website or any registration facility. The law protects consumers against illegal practices including scams, smishing, and other forms of online and mobile fraud.

It will take effect Starting December 27, 2022. After the law takes effect, subscribers will have 180 days (until April 26, 2023) to register their SIM cards. An additional 120 days might be added to the registration period.

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How to register Globe Sim Card?

For Globe, Gomo, and TM Subscribers, you can register using this link It can be accessed on December 27. In January, registration will also be available through the GlobeOne app.

How do I register Sim Card for children below legal age without government ID?

For minors, their sim card should be registered under their parent or legal Guardian.

How to register Sim for Globe Postpaid/ Platinum customers?

Globe will pre-register all current Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, and Globe Business postpaid customers using the information supplied at the time of the first application. Globe will contact the customers if they need additional details from them.

How to register Globe Sim when abroad?

If you are working/staying outside the Philippines, the registration process is the same. You need to register online at the given link above.

How to register if I have multiple Sim cards?

If you have more than one SIM card, you can register them all, but you must register each SIM in your name. Simply repeat the procedure for each of your SIMs by going to the Globe online registration portal.

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If I am a prepaid WiFi/Myfi user, how do I receive the OTP if the SIM is inserted into the modem?

You will receive the OTP in your GUI inbox. You may access your modem inbox by following the steps below:

  1. Connect to your Home Prepaid WiFi.
  2. Login to your modem/MyFi dashboard using the username and password information found at the back or bottom of your modem.
  3. Retrieve your OTP in the modem SMS inbox.

What would happen if I don’t register my SIM before the due date?

The SIM will be permanently deactivated if you are unable to register it by the due date. You won’t be able to use your text, call, data, or other mobile services after your SIM has been disabled.

What will I do if I lose my phone/device with my registered SIM?

If you lose your device with a registered SIM, please inform us and provide the following information: (1) Name, (2) Address, (3) Date of Birth and (4) Mobile Number. You may contact Globe via our official Facebook Messenger account or report it to a Globe store.

For your own safety, your prepaid SIM will be permanently disconnected and you will receive a new SIM with the same mobile number.