NAPOLCOM verification of rating online

Napolcom verification of rating online is very easy and fast for those who take the examination, either PNP Entrance or Promotional.

If you are curious about your grade in the Napolcom exam, you can now check it online, regardless of whether you pass or fail. You just need your application number and the internet. Here are the steps for Napolcom verification of rating.

Steps on Napolcom Verification of Rating

  • Browse down and click the Online Verification of Rating just below the image.
  • Enter your last name and your application number. The application number can be found on your test permit. Click the submit button.
  • Napolcom will show the details like your date of examination, the type of exam and your grade. The passing rate is 70. If you got lower than that, try again next time.

The website of Napolcom can sometimes load very slow depending on the number of people using it.

Napolcom is conducting two sets of police examinations twice a year. Last October 27, 2019, a total of 6,492 of 46,386 examinees passed the police examinations.

Upon passing the PNPE, you will be given the chance to apply in the PNP as Patrolman/Patrolwoman. While those who want a promotion for higher rank must pass the PNP Promotional exam.

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