Napolcom exam result 2019

Napolcom Exam Result October 2019: List of Passers

Napolcom conducted the PNP entrance Exam and Promotional Exam(Promex) last October 27, 2019. A total of 46,386 examinees nationwide, 34,984 of them took the PNP entrance exam while 11,402 tried the Promotional Exam.

The PNP Entrance Exam is open to all Filipino citizens who meet the qualifications while the Promotional Exam is only for uniformed members of the PNP who meet the minimum qualification standards for examination.

NAPOLCOM Exam Result October 2019

The Napolcom announces last December 27 that a total of 6,492 or 14% of 46,386 examinees hurdled the police examinations.

3,684 passers of the PNP Entrance (PNPE) examination which represents 10.53% of the 34,984 PNPE examinees. While 2,808 passed the Promotional Exam.

  • Police Officer 1st Class Examination for Police Major and Police Lieutenant Colonel (27)
  • Police Officer 2nd Class Examination for Police Lieutenant and Police Captain (115),
  • Police Officer 3rd Class Examination for Police Master Sergeant, Police Senior Master Sergeant, Police Chief Master Sergeant and Police Executive Master Sergeant (1,228), and
  • Police Officer 4th Class Examination for Police Corporal and Police Staff Sergeant (1,438), constituting 24.63% of the 11,402 in-service police officers who took the PNP promotional examinations.

Napolcom Exam Results

Verification of Rating

Napolcom will send the results individually through the mail. You can also check the Napolcom Website to verify your test result or you can opt to visit the Central Office in Quezon City or the Regional Offices. For those who did not receive their report of rating, they can request for issuance of certification from the same office with a fee of P150.

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