Napolcom Promotional Exam Schedule 2023, Requirements

The National Police Commission (Napolcom) conducts the PNP Examinations twice a year. The PNP Entrance Exam and the PNP Promotional Exam. Only those uniformed members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) who possess the minimum qualifications and rank are eligible to take the PNP Promotional Exam.

The eligibilities acquired through the Promotional Examinations are those required for the promotion of the PNP uniformed personnel as prescribed under Sec.30 of Republic Act No. 6975 as amended by Republic Act No. 8551.


Napolcom Promotional Exam Schedule 2023

The Schedule for the PNP Promotional Exam for this year is set for December 10, 2023.

For more details you can read: Napolcom Exam Schedule for 2023.

The Napolcom Online Application/Registration is open starting from November 07, 2023 (12 Noon) until November 17, 2023.

Napolcom Online Application

To be able to take the exam, you need to register online and prepare the needed requirements. Here is our guide for NAPOLCOM online registration using Napolcom Online Portal NORIS.

Napolcom Promotional Exam Coverage

The PNP Promotional Exam consists of general information, police administration and operations, and police customs and traditions/values and ethical standards. It is a three-hour examination with multiple-choice items.

General Information

  • Current Events (national and international events and developments)
  • Philippine Constitution
  • Philippine History and History of the PNP (Significant Events, People, and Places)
  • Application of the Philippine Criminal Justice System
  • Social Awareness
  • Grammar Analysis

Police Administration

  • Organizational Structure (Line of Authority)
    • Personnel Policies and Procedures
    • Disciplinary Machinery
    • Complaints and Grievance Procedures (Basic Knowledge)
    • Morale and Welfare
    • Data Analysis
    • Local Chief Executives Powers (vis-à-vis Police)
    • NAPOLCOM vis-à-vis Police
    • Civil Service Rules and Regulations
  • Community and Service-Oriented Policing (NAPOLCOM Res. No. 2015-342)
    • Drills and ceremonies
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Police Operations

  • Police Operational Procedures (POP dated December 2013)
    • Managing Police/Patrol Operations
    • Traffic Management
  • Laws and Jurisprudence related to police work

Values and Ethical Standards

  • PNP Code of Ethical Standards/Protocols/Social Usage
    • RA 6713/RA 3019
    • RA 9485/Citizen’s Charter/Quality Service Lane
    • Gender and Development
    • PGS/PNP P.A.T.R.O.L Plan 2030
    • Uprightness

Renaming of Napolcom PNP and Promotional Exams

The Napolcom renames the Napolcom PNP and Promotional Exam per R.A 11200 or “An Act Providing for the Rank Classification in the Philippine National Police, amending for the purpose Section 28 of Republic Act No. 6975, as amended, otherwise known as the Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of 1990”.

This aims to standardize how police officers are addressed as well as change the PNP rank categorization.

Present (new)Previous (old)
Qualification Exam for PatrolmanPNP Entrance Examination
Police Officer 4th Class Examination for Police Corporal and Police Staff SergeantPolice Officer Examination for Police Officers II and III
Police Officer 3rd Class Examination for Police Master Sergeant, Police Senior Master Sergeant, Police Chief Master Sergeant, and Police Executive Master SergeantSenior Police Officer Examination for Senior Police Officers I to IV
Police Officer 2nd Class Examination for Police Lieutenant and Police CaptainPolice Inspector Examination for Inspector and Senior Inspector
Police Officer 1st Class Examination for Police Major and Police Lieutenant ColonelPolice Superintendent Examination for Chief Inspector and Superintendent