How to transfer funds using Landbank Mobile Banking App?

LandBank offers different online banking services for a convenient and hassle-free transactions. You can either transact using your computer or mobile.

With Landbank Fund transfer service, it allows you to send money to other banks using the Landbank Mobile app. First thing first is to download the Landbank Mobile Banking app on your phone. It can be done on either your android or apple.

Photo Courtesy: Landbank

After downloading, sign in with your iaccess id and password. You can also use your biometrics like your fingerprint or your face ID depending if it is supported by your phone.

In the main menu, which is located at the bottom part of the Mobile Banking App, press “Transfer”.

Next is to choose what kind of transaction you will be doing, either of the following:

▪️Transfer to own account
▪️Transfer to a third-party account
▪️Transfer to anyone(non-registered landbank account)
▪️Transfer to other banks
▪️Pay via QR

A one-time pin will be sent to your registered mobile number or your email address if you are transferring funds to other banks or your other account.

Meanwhile, if you are enrolled in an OTP generator, OTP will be automatically provided.

For the transfer to other banks, you can either choose instapay or pesonet as a transfer method.
▪️Instapay allows real-time transfers of up to 50,000 per transaction or up to 500,000 per day. The charge fee is P25 per transfer.
▪️Pesonet on the other hand allows unlimited fund transfer amounts and charges P15 per transaction. However, it will be credited to the destination account within 1 to 3 days.

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Enter the needed information which includes the Account Number, Name, Mobile number (optional), and Email address (optional) of the receiver. Select the purpose of the transaction and click submit.

A payment confirmation will be shown. You can print it if you want.

That’s how easy transferring funds from the landbank to other banks or your other account using the Landbank mobile banking app.