Malicious Tagging on facebook

Facebook Malicious Tagging: DOJ warns users not to click video link

If you happen to see the shared post on Facebook about sharing video link with your name tagged in it then you are aware that they are reminding users to be vigilant of such malicious video link. The Department of Justice – Office of Cybercrime warned Facebook users not to click video links about adult videos as this could activate malware and will result in random tagging when clicked. The DOJ-OOC further said that if you happen to get a notification tagging you in a post that contains a link to apparent adult content, do not click any further and report the post.

This kind of clickbait tactic using adult video or scandalous titles will make you want to click it because it entails a certain curiosity. Some of these kinds of links are a phishing site that gets your information and others do this to get more views to their site. Other links contained malware or viruses that may affect your computer and phones. This is already ongoing before the advent of Facebook. Hackers are finding ways to collect information such as credit card information and bank account information to hack it and make money out of it.

A lot of notable hackers made millions of dollars hacking computers and phones. Some just want the fun of it, and others are making a living out of it. Remember our very own I Love You virus hacker who infected millions of computers worldwide but right now is a business owner of a computer and phone servicing outlet stall in the Manila area. He became very famous but that act didn’t give him any money. He had done it for the fun of it. Maybe you are also familiar with African hackers living in the Philippines hacking credit card accounts of people and doing some online shopping. How about those Chinese hackers renting houses in subdivisions to use as their headquarters to run their hacking operations?

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There’s a lot of scheme right now online, it is easier to make money than ever. If you have the skills of coding then you can work online on a legitimate job or you can use your skill to manipulate, scam, phish, attack, inject malware or viruses.

Facebook security right now is very strict but still, there are some malicious activities that are getting through but Facebook personnel are doing their best by taking down such malicious activities when they are alerted to them. Not just that, Facebook right now is not just for connecting with people anymore they are using it as a platform to disseminate fake information and to spread propaganda against an opponent. When technology is getting advance, expect that it is easier to malign the reputation of someone. It is easier to construct fake information and share it with a lot of people, with no instant checker you can’t check if that information is true or not.

We have the Cybercrime Prevention Act to punish those hackers and also Cyber Libel to punish those people who malign others or sharing wrong information about a certain person to the detriment of the person’s whole being. Have you heard someone go that extra mile to file such a case? Have you heard someone punished for it? Well, some people who can afford such could go to court but mostly well be abandoned in nothingness and just keep their mouth shut.

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