Community Pantry: Bayanihan of Filipinos in times of need

A woman made a community pantry for tricycle drivers, construction workers, street sweepers, and all sort of people who wants fruits and vegetables. The Maginhawa Community Pantry’s slogan is “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan.” This is to help people get by for a day for a food shortage that we are experiencing right now.

Maginhawa Community Pantry

When the news broke out about the pantry some people are skeptical about how one person’s honesty will be tested if he will get something just enough in that pantry or he will abuse the confidence of the giver and get more than he will be needed for that day. But the woman who had that idea is certain that people will be generous enough to let other people have something on that pantry.

An example of that is a homeless man who got two oranges and people are offering that he will get more but the man said “This is just enough food for me to eat.” Another one is a street sweeper who got 2 cabbage and said that it is just enough for a sauté. That just shows how honest and generous people who’ve got nothing going on in their life, no material things to show, and not enough money at their disposal. Contrary to what most people are perceived them to be that they are greedy and opportunistic people because they don’t have enough. This is just a pure example that people who are poor are more generous than those people who have money because they know how it felt like to have nothing and they go beyond expectation to help people in need.

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Here are some community Pantries in different locations in the Philippines. (Credit to their respective owners)

The Maginhawa Community Pantry proves how people give despite not having a lot. It now becomes viral and more people replicate such acts of kindness in different areas which is a good thing especially in this time of the pandemic. One act of kindness will go a long way as so far as the good intent to share is being promoted is concern.

We have learned from that woman who initiated such a great idea of the act of kindness that you will need just one person to start and fuel something to boost the energy of giving with no expectation to get something in return but just the pure joy of helping someone is enough payment to continue and share more.   

Now, more community pantries pop up in different locations in NCR. This shows the Bayanihan spirit of Filipinos in times of need.

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