How to pasaload Globe

– Does someone favored you to do pasaload to him/her but don’t know how? I got you! In this article I will show you the steps on how to pasaload. Ready? Let’s Begin! HOW TO PASALOAD GLOBE There are 2 ways to do it: 1. PASALOAD VIA *143# Dial *143# on your phone and navigate to MyAccount and then Share-A-Load/Promo/MB. … Read more

How to hide likes on Facebook?

How to hide likes on Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media platform in the world. With the help of Facebook, people can connect with friends and family members from all around the world. However, Facebook is not only for connecting with friends and family. It also has many other features that are available to its users. One of these … Read more

How to send money from BDO to Gcash (5 EASY STEPS)

BDO to Gcash

Sending money is the process of transferring money from one person or entity to another. The most common way people send money today is by using an online service, such as Online Banking, and e-wallets using Gcash or Maya. Sending money online is one of the most popular and easiest ways to transfer money. You … Read more

How to pay PLDT bill using GCASH

Paying Bills in the PLDT store or outlet centers is much of a hassle and time-consuming since you might need to line up if there are also other people who need to pay for their bills. Good thing, technology has been improving at this point in time and running errands such as paying bills can … Read more

How to register Globe Go 90

Globe has this promo that lets you access different sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and many other mobile gaming and streaming apps. When you register to Globe Go 90, you will get an open access data of 8GB, GoWiFi data of 1GB and Unlimited texts to all networks valid for 7 days. … Read more

How to register ml10 in tnt for 10 pesos?

Enjoy playing ML but you ran out of data? TNT has a promo only dedicated for an ML player like you! and wait.. just for 10 PESOS??? You can now play Mobile Legends Bang Bang for 3 days, with 1 GB of data via the TNT ML10 Prom. Here’s how to register: HOW TO REGISTER ML10 IN … Read more

How to get Barangay Clearance: Requirements & Purpose

Barangay Clearance has been one of the much-needed requirements in any job-related hiring. But before we proceed, let us discuss first what is a barangay clearance and what is it used for. What is a Barangay Clearance? Barangay Clearance is an easy-to-obtain document that you can use as proof of your identity. This document includes … Read more

How to Register Globe Go+99

Wanna purchase a promo that has data for surfing and has unli texts for 1 week? You can consider Go +99. For just 99 pesos, you can have 16 GB worth of data and Unli texts that’s valid for 7 days. You want this? Here’s how to register: HOW TO REGISTER GLOBE GO+99 STEP 1: … Read more

M Lhuillier Rates 2023

M Lhuillier is a trusted brand in the Philippines when it comes to financial services. One of its most popular services is Mlhuiller Padala or money transfer services. It allows customers to send and receive money both domestically and internationally. Mlhuiller has over 3,000 branches nationwide and several international partners, making it one of the … Read more

How to Activate Smart Sim

You bought a new smart sim card? Great! Now let’s activate that so you can use it immediately Here’s the ways on how to do it: HOW TO ACTIVATE SMART SIM 1. DO A BALANCE INQUIRY – One way to activate your smart sim is by doing a balance inquiry. To do that,  text ?1515 and send … Read more