PRC Online Application: PRC LERIS Guide

Professional Regulation Commission has online services for professionals. You can use their online services for the issuance of a license for the new passers, for the renewal of a PRC license, and for those who want to take the Board exams.

We will be going to tackle the process of how to register on PRC online using the PRC leris or the LICENSURE EXAMINATION & REGISTRATION INFORMATION SYSTEM.


PRC Online Registration

If you don’t have an account yet, you will need the following Requirements:

  • Your email address (with password) –
  • Your mobile number (ex. 09271234567) –
  • Personal data (including date of graduation) – ID photo in .jpg format saved on your computer, phone or tablet. (You can request an e -file if you have your ID photo taken at a photo studio.)
  • Valid ID Card
PRC Online Registration
PRC Online Application

Here are the steps for the PRC Online Application:

1. Visit the

Go to the PRC online website stated above.

2. Read the term of Service

You can see on the right side of the monitor the terms of service. Read that then scroll down.

3. Click the ” I agree” button.

On the bottom portion, you will be able to see a green tab with the text ” I agree”. Click that button.

4. Register an Account

In order to be registered, you need to fill up the registration form. This includes the following data:

  1. Input First Name first
  2. Followed by your Middle Name and last name
  3. If you have a suffix on your name include it leave blank if none
  4. Select Gender, Civil Status
  5. Fill out your Birth date and Email address
  6. Type your desired password (Password must be at least 6 characters and composed of letters, numbers, and special characters)
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Then Click Register.

5. Sign-in

  1. Input Username (e-mail address) and password
  2. Click to login

6. Provide your personal information.

Click the Profile tab on the left side of the page and provide your personal details, contact information, family background, educational attainment, employment, and a valid ID. Remember that the fields in red asterisk are required. When you’re done, click the Save Information button.

7. Upload your photo. 

Read the requirements for the photo. Click the choose file button and then upload your photo.

Important Requirements for the Photo.

  • The photo must be 2×2 in size with a white plain background.
  • It must be taken not more than 6 months prior to uploading.
  • Applicants must wear decent attire with a collar.
  • It won’t be processed if the applicant’s photo does not resemble the applicant, if you have eyeglasses, if the background is not white, when the photo has shadows and when the ears of the applicant are covered.

Finally, you’re now ready to make any online transactions available at the PRC LERIS. Transactions include PRC Online Exam Application, PRC Online Application for Initial Registration, and Online Application for PRC ID Renewal.

See how to renew your PRC license at this link.

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