Philippine National Police launches E-sumbong

PNP Chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar led the formal launch of an enhanced complaint referral and monitoring system, which would guarantee police action to citizens’ complaints and concerns. It is one of the priority projects of the Chief PNP to bring immediate action to any distress call or text.

PNP E-sumbong

The program E-Sumbong with the tagline Sumbong Mo, Aksyon Ko is a project to improve the complaint referral system, every complaint and concern received will be dealt with urgency. The police force should always put into their mind that time is of the essence whenever they got calls or texts among our citizens said PGen. Eleazar.

He further said that once they received these concerns, they should immediately act and resolve the complaints. If in the past there are complaints that are not being looked into, right now that is not acceptable.

We remember the PGen. Eleazar before he became the PNP Chief that he is a disciplinarian, we remember seeing him on TV visiting a police station to check on his subordinates. Some of the police officers had been caught sleeping while on duty and because of that they got a sermon from the police chief. Aside from being a disciplinarian, he has also an eye for the community on how he can integrate the police system into the community in a more effective way. That is why creating this program of complaint referral and monitoring system will help a lot to people especially those in grave danger so that they can get helped right away.   

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This is all in connection to regain the community trust and confidence in the PNP by showing that its personnel can be fully depended on to serve and protect. If the citizens see that their concerns are being met and they can fully rely on police officers with their concerns then their confidence in the whole PNP will be strengthened. If the PNP force can resolve the complaints fast, then the community is at peace and in order.

This is a step up in so far as the vision on where to take the PNP programs goes. Of course, after a dismal performance from former Police Chief Sinas, PNP Chief Eleazar’s program is a breath of fresh air. At least now aside from the 911 setup of the government there is also this E-Sumbong program to look forward to.

E-sumbong hotline

They have an E-Sumbong SMS Hotline: SMART: 0919-1601-752, Globe: 0917-847-5757. You can also email them: [email protected], you can also connect with them through Facebook: You can visit also their website

There you go, you can contact them through SMS, email, Facebook page, and through their website. This is welcoming news for the Philippine National Police and good news to Filipino citizens and all foreign nationals residing in the Philippines. It is easier now to file a complaint by just tapping a button or by messaging them directly to their official social media channels. This is the best thing since sliced bread in so far as the communication of Police and the citizens.

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