PASADATA Smart: How to Share Data to Smart and TNT?

Have you run out of data but need to use the internet badly for some important matters? Worry no more, you can just ask for a PASADATA from your friends or loved ones.

PASALOAD has been popular in all networks. We have this saying “Sharing is Caring”. It is evident that Filipinos will extend a helping hand in times of need. With that being said, Smart has also a PASADATA feature.

What is Smart PASADATA?

Smart PASADATA allows you to share or pass data to anyone. It is quick and easy but you must be qualified to do so. In order to pass data to your friends, you need to be subscribed to a Giga Surf promo, either Gigasurf50 or Gigasurf299. Moreover, the minimum amount of data you can pass is 50 MB so it means you should have more than 50 MB remains to be able to PASADATA.

Another important thing to remember is you can share your data only to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid, and TNT subscribers. The data you have shared can be used on all sites and applications. The data you shared is only valid for 1 day.

How to Share Data to Smart and Talk and Text?

This is the easy way to share data with smart. No hassles just direct to the point steps to follow:

Text PASADATA <11-digit number> <amount in MB> to 808. You will be charged ₱1 per transaction.

For example: PASADATA 09491234567 300MB to 808.

That’s it. You will then receive a confirmation message about the date you shared or the data you received.

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Make it your habit to PASADATA it’s simple and easy. Check your data balance by dialing *123#, select Balance/Services > Check Balance, then wait for the SMS containing your data balance, data expiry as well as your prepaid balance.

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