Napolcom NORIS Online Registration Guide

The Napolcom conducts an examination for the aspiring patrolman/woman twice a year. In order to apply for the PNP Entrance Exam you need to apply first online. They introduced a new web-based registration for applicants interested to take the exam.


What is the Napolcom NORIS

Napolcom Online Registration Information System (NORIS) is a web-based registration, submission, and printing out of an application form for the PNP Entrance and Promotional Exam. The On-Line Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS) will no longer be used instead applicants are advised to utilize the new NORIS.

Napolcom Exam Schedule 2023

The Schedule for the PNP Entrance Examination for this year is set on June 17, 2023, while the PNP Promotional Exam is on June 18, 2023.

For more details you can read: Napolcom Exam Schedule for 2023.

The Napolcom Online Application/Registration is open starting from May 8, 2023, at 8 AM until May 18, 2023.

Napolcom Online Requirements

Before proceeding with your application, you must prepare your requirements first. Since the application is online, you should have scanned copies of your requirements in JPEG or PNG format. Here are the requirements:

  • One (1) government-issued ID with signature (National ID, SSS, GSIS, Voter’s, Postal, Passport, Driver’s License, PRC, etc.);
  • Passport size photo with name tag (without cap) with white background and complete name tag (indicate rank before the first, middle, and last names, if PNP member);
  • Specimen Signature.

How to apply for Napolcom Exam using NORIS?

Below is the Napolcom registration guide using NORIS.

For applicants with existing NORIS account:

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1) Log in to his/her NORIS account and update his/her transaction branch; and

2) Update his/her personal information, if applicable.

For applicants without a NORIS account:

Go to Noris Napolcom Website

Visit the Napolcom Noris website by clicking this link

Register for an Account

Register for an account by clicking “Register Here”. Read the Data Privacy Notice and tap “Proceed” to continue.

Choose a Client Category, either

  • Civilian: for applicants who want to take the PNP Entrance Exam, or
  • PNP personnel: for existing PNP members who want to take the Promotional Exam.

Fill out your Personal, Address, and Educational Information and click Next. Input N/A for not applicable. Select your region, and upload your scanned documents. You may upload, several files if your document has more than one page.

Click the “Finish” button once you finish uploading everything. Double-check your uploaded documents because you cannot edit them once tapping finish.

Log in to your account

Wait for your documents to be validated by your Napolcom Regional Office. To know if it’s already validated, log in to your account, and you may see the available test center and also the “apply” button already shown.

Tap the “Apply Examination Button and choose your region, testing center, examination category, and the date of examination. Afterward, click the “Apply” button to submit your application.

Pay the Required fee

A Payment Validation Status will appear in your dashboard. Applicants are advised to pay the examination fee depending on the type of exam he/she applied for. Only 48 hours are given to the applicants to pay the required fee or your application will be forfeited.

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Here are the examination fees for Napolcom Exam:

  • PNP Entrance Exam- Four Hundred Pesos (Php 400.00)
  • Police Officer 4th Class – Four Hundred Pesos (Php 400.00)
  • Police Officer 3rd Class   – Four Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php 450.00)
  • Police Officer 2nd Class –  Five Hundred Pesos (Php 500.00)
  • Police Officer 1st Class  – Six Hundred Pesos (Php 600.00)

The examinees should also bring one valid ID and one legal-sized envelope with P21. worth of postage stamp.

Print Notice of Admission (NOA) and Examinee Profile (EP)

After your payment, you can now see the status on your dashboard: FOR EXAMINATION, and the Print NOA button is also shown. Print your Notice of Admission (NOA) and your Examinee Profile (EP) to be submitted on the day of your exam.

Napolcom Exam Coverage

If you successfully apply and pass all the required requirements, it’s time to review for the exam. The three-hour Napolcom examination consisting of objective-type/multiple-choice items covers the following subject areas:

General Information

  • Philippine Constitution and History
  • PNP Law and History
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Current Events
  • Social Awareness and Value Judgment

Verbal Reasoning

  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Basic Concepts
  • Problem-Solving Skills

Logical Reasoning

  • Verbal
  • Non-Verbal

Passing Grade and Release of Results

The Passing Grade for the Napolcom Exam is 70% both for the PNP Entrance and Promotional Exam. Napolcom will release the results after 3 to 4 months after the exam which will be posted on their Official Website. You can also check your rating in the Napolcom Verification of Rating Online.

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