JRS Express Rates 2023 in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao

JRS Express is one of the most known and leading express delivery companies in the Philippines. It has around 450 branches nationwide. It is also the oldest and most trusted courier service in the country. It provides various delivery options to suit different needs. They offer both domestic and international delivery services, making them a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike.

It offers very budget-friendly rates which attract more customers. They offer delivery and Pera Padala services, Lipat Bahay, etc. One of the most important factors to consider when using a courier service is the rates they charge for their services. In this article, we will take a closer look at the JRS Express rates in the Philippines.


How much is the JRS Express per kilo?

Delivery rates can vary depending on your location, the destination of your parcel, the size of the good, and whether you want a next-day delivery or the ordinary one. Refer to the table below:

Next Day Delivery Rates from Metro Manila
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Letter (100g)₱107.00₱120.00₱125.00₱130.00
Letter – in excess of (100g)+ ₱53.50+ ₱60.00+ ₱62.50+ ₱65.00
1 Pounder (500g)₱130.00₱145.00₱153.00₱160.00
1 Pounder – in excess of (500g)+ ₱65.00+ ₱65.00+ ₱76.50+ ₱76.50
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos)₱238.00₱266.00₱293.00₱306.00
3 Pounder – in excess of (1.5kls)+ ₱119.00+ ₱133.00+ ₱146.50+ ₱153.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos)₱273.00₱306.00₱333.00₱360.00
5 Pounder – in excess of (1.5kls)+ ₱136.50+ ₱153.00+ ₱166.50+ ₱180.00
Ordinary Delivery Rates from Metro Manila
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Legal Size (20g)₱85.00₱94.00₱99.00₱107.00
Brown Envelope (500g)₱106.00₱117.00₱125.00₱131.00
General Cargo (3kgs)₱182.00₱200.00₱206.00₱218.00
Next Day Delivery Rates from Luzon
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Letter (100g)₱120.00₱107.00₱128.00₱132.00
1 Pounder (500g)₱145.00₱130.00₱156.00₱162.00
Excess of (500g)₱217.50₱217.50₱234.00₱243.00
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos)₱266.00₱238.00₱298.00₱311.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos)₱306.00₱273.00₱339.00₱366.00
Excess (3 kilos)₱459.00₱409.50₱509.00₱549.00
Next Day Delivery Rates from Visayas
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Letter (100g)₱125.00₱128.00₱107.00₱120.00
1 Pounder (500g)₱153.00₱156.00₱130.00₱145.50
Excess of (500g)₱229.50₱234.50₱195.00₱217.50
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos)₱293.00₱298.00₱238.00₱266.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos)₱333.00₱339.00₱273.00₱306.00
Excess (3 kilos)₱499.50₱585.50₱409.00₱459.00
Next Day Delivery Rates from Mindanao
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Letter (100g)₱130.00₱132.00₱120.00₱107.00
1 Pounder (500g)₱160.00₱162.00₱145.00₱130.00
Excess of (500g)₱240.00₱243.00₱217.50₱195.00
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos)₱306.00₱311.00₱266.00₱238.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos)₱360.00₱366.00₱306.00₱273.00
Excess (3 kilos)₱540.00₱549.00₱459.00₱409.50
Ordinary Delivery Rates from Mindanao
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Legal Size (20g)₱107.00₱109.00₱94.00₱85.00
Brown Envelope (500g)₱131.00₱133.00₱117.00₱106.00
General Cargo (3kgs)₱218.00₱222.00₱200.00₱182.00
Express Rates
TypeMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanao
Letter (100g)₱107.00₱120.00₱128.00₱132.00
1 Pounder (500g)₱130.00₱145.00₱156.00₱162.00
Excess 1 kilo₱195.00₱218.00₱234.00₱243.00
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos)₱238.00₱266.00₱298.00₱311.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos)₱273.00₱306.00₱339.00₱366.00
Excess (3 kilos)₱410.00₱459.00₱509.00₱549.00
Gen/Regular Cargo (3 kilos)₱182.00₱200.00₱209.00₱222.00
Excess charge (per kilo)₱91.00₱100.00₱105.00₱111.00

Note, that the shipping fee may change without further notice. Check with your nearest JRS branch. Alternatively, you can try the JRS Calculator on their website.

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How many days is the shipping for the JRS Express?

JRS shipping timeframes vary based on the package’s intended destination. JRS normally takes one to eight days to deliver within the Philippines. Package bound for Metro Manila is faster to receive than in Mindanao. It took only a day or two in Luzon while it 4 to 6 days in Luzon and Mindanao. On the other hand, it can take up to 30 days to ship to remote regions. Read on how to track your JRS parcel here.

JRS delivery dates range from two to one week internationally.

Refer to the table below to know how long is JRS Shipping.

JRS Delivery Time from Metro Manila

DestinationDelivery Time
Metro Manila1 day
Luzon1-2 days
Visayas and Mindanao4-6 days
Bicol2-4 days
Coron9-12 days
Puerto Princesa3-5 days
Batanes30 days

JRS Delivery Time from Luzon

DestinationDelivery Time
Metro Manila1-2 days
Luzon2-3 days
Visayas5-7 days
Mindanao5-6 days
Bicol2-4 days
Coron9-12 days
Puerto Princesa4-8 days
Batanes30 days

JRS Delivery Time from Visayas

DestinationDelivery Time
Metro Manila3-5 days
Luzon4-6 days
Visayas4-6 days
Mindanao5-7 days
Bicol4-6 days
Coron9-12 days
Puerto Princesa6-8 days
Batanes30 days

JRS Delivery Time from Mindanao

DestinationDelivery Time
Metro Manila2-4 days
Luzon3-5 days
Visayas5-7 days
Mindanao2-3 days
Bicol3-6 days
Coron9-12 days
Puerto Princesa5-8 days
Batanes30 days

JRS International Delivery Time

DestinationDelivery Time
Hong Kong2 working days
Macau and Singapore2-3 working days
Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea3 working days
Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam3-4 working days
Other Asia-Pacific countries4-5 working days
Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE3-4 working days
Other Middle Eastern countries4-5 working days
USA and Canada3-4 working days
Guam1 week
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, England, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK3-4 working days
Other European countries4 working days

Does JRS deliver on Sundays?

Yes. JRS delivers on Sundays. They are also open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays to Sundays as well as on holidays.

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What are JRS Prohibited items for Delivery?

The following are prohibited for shipment or delivery: corrosive materials, inflammable, (Cigarettes, firecrackers, candles), acids, toxic liquids, Paint, perfumes (exceeding 100 ml), aerosol, beauty products, and other chemicals, breakables, cash (stamp “No Cash Enclosed” on the flap of the envelope to be signed by the sender), Money Orders, Treasury Warrants, Cashier’s Cheques or the like, firearms, sharp objects, deadly weapons, explosives, and other matters prohibited by law, Proclamation 1081, General Orders, Presidential Decrees, Letters of Instructions and Bureau of Posts; Glass, China, casting and other goods of a brittle or fragile nature, or unprotected pieces, are carried at Owner’s Risk (SOR) only with regards to breakage (these include demijohns of all kinds), Powerbanks, battery-operated devices, machines with gas or oil, and other dangerous electronics.

Is JRS & J&T the same?

JRS and J&T are not the same. Even though they both operate in the Philippines and use the same rapid delivery business model, JRS Express and J&T Express are owned by different companies.

JRS is older than J&T. JRS is established over six decades and is one of the largest express delivery service providers in the country.

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