How to use Lazada bonus?

The majority of online shoppers are interested in purchasing a product or a service with a discount or bonus.

Discounts and bonuses have been proven to be effective tactics especially when the price of the products is fairly high. In certain cases, discounts can even influence customer decision-making up to 40%.

Speaking of discounts and bonuses, we will talk about the Lazada Bonus and how to use it.

How to use Lazada bonus?

If you want to use your Lazada Bonus to buy items in the Lazada store you can do so by following these simple steps:

  • Collect the Lazada Bonus by visiting the following pages in Lazada: Lazada Homepape (it will pop up on your screen), Campaign Page, Category Pages, Product Pages, Mission Page, and My Cart.
  • Look for items with Lazada Bonus Badge and add to cart. Reach a minimum of P1,000 in your cart for discounts to apply.
  • Get 10% off for every P1,000 worth of Bonus items.Your lazada bonus will be applied on the check out page from February 2-6. When you shop at least P1,000 worth of Lazada Bonus Items, you will save P100. When you shop at least P2,000 worth of Lazada Bonus Items, you will save 200. If you shop more, the more you will save.

You can also stack it with other vouchers like free shipping vouchers, unli stores vouchers, 1 discount voucher, or 1 lazada vouchers

This is a nice discount if you think about it. If you shopped for 2000 pesos worth of items or products you can use you 200 Bonus. That is already a big discount price for you, not to mention the discounted price of the said item or product that is available.

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This is a nice selling point for the seller as well as the buyer because it would mean more sales for the seller and more discounts for the buyer.

So try the Lazada Bonus just download their Lazada mobile app if you are using your phone and you can also go to their website if you are using a browser for desktop and laptop. That’s it!