How to load GOMO using Gcash?

GOMO is a fully digital telco that offers mobile services similar to those offered by Mobile Network Operators such as Globe and Smart, but it does not own any radiofrequency. It enters into an agreement with another company so you can use their networks for these products. GOMO is locally powered by Globe.

It also lets customers purchase and loads data functional sims that never expire if not consumed.

How to Load GOMO using GCash?

There are two ways you can reload your GOMO. You can use the Gcash App or the GOMO mobile App.

By Gcash App

You can load your GOMO using Gcash. To do so, follow the following guide below:

Log in to your Gcash application.

On the dashboard, click the “Glife”.

Browse down and look for the Glife Partners. You can see the GOMO first on the list.

Select GOMO and tap the preferred item you want to purchase.

Enter your mailing address for Sim purchase

While for Data Load, enter the GOMO registered number

Sixth, Place the orders

Lastly, Checkout and pay.

By GOMO Mobile app

You can also load your GOMO using the GOMO Mobile application. All you need to do is download the GOMO application in Playstore and follow the guide below.

  1. On your GOMO mobile app, click the “+” (plus) sign.
  2. Then, you have to select the items to purchase
  3. Select the Payment method, either Gcash or credit/debit card. Let’s say you chose Gcash.
  4. Enter your Mobile number associated with Gcash and click Next.
  5. Enter the OTP sent to the registered GCash number
  6. Enter your MPIN to authorize transaction
  7. Then, you have to confirm payment
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GOMO is a mobile service provider run on the Globe Network operated by Globe Telecom. If you want to try their promo you can do so if you felt like you are done with another mobile service provider because of their poor network connection. They have a promo that is the highest available from any provider with 120 GB of data per month.

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