National ID Tracking: How to track Philsys Id?

The Philippine national ID, also known as the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), is a government-initiated program that aims to establish a single identification system for all citizens and residents in the country. The PhilSys will provide a unified and efficient way of identifying individuals for various government and private transactions, such as applying for social welfare benefits, opening bank accounts, and registering for school.

For all citizens and resident aliens in the Philippines, the National ID will serve as legitimate evidence of identity, making public and private transactions easier. It acts as the government’s central identity system.

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How to track National Id?

If you have applied for a PhilSys ID, you may be wondering how to track the status of your application. Here are some steps you can take to check the status of your PhilSys ID application:

Philippine identification system tracking is easy. The registrants who completed Step 1 (demographics) and Step 2 (biometrics) of the Philippine Identification Card can track the status of the delivery through the website of the Philippine Post (PHLPost tracking). You can do so in these simple steps.

Step 1:  Visit the Philippine Post (PHLPost) website here

National ID Tracker

Step 2: Enter the transaction number in the transaction slip that was provided in Step 2.

Step 3: Click “Track” to see the delivery status of your national id.

That’s how easy to track your PSA national ID.

Upon clicking Enter and if there is no result shown, the PSA said that the Phil ID is still in process. Remember, that Philpost delivery of your ID is free of charge. You can ask someone else to receive your id as long as you leave a valid ID, authorization letter, and PhilSys transaction slip from the authorized recipient.

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As of November of last year, almost 3 million ID cards have already been delivered.


In summary, tracking the status of your PhilSys ID application in the Philippines is a straightforward process. By visiting the PhilSys official website, providing the necessary information, and clicking on the “Track” button, you can easily check the status of your application.

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