How to link Paymaya to Gigalife?

Running out of data in the middle of online activity – such as emailing an urgent work or school file, hosting a watch party for your favorite series, checking out your food order, or slugging it out with your buddies on a mobile game – can be a major pain.

To help subscribers avoid these issues, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has improved the GigaLife App experience by introducing GigaPay with PayMaya, a groundbreaking in-app payment feature that allows customers to buy load and subscribe to data promos, among other things, with just a swipe on their phone screen.

You can do so by linking the Paymaya to the Gigalife app.

How to link Paymaya to Gigalife?

If you want to link your existing Paymaya account to your Gigalife app you can do this through the Gigalife app. This is a simple step by step instructions you have to follow:

  1. Tap on “Link PayMaya” Button. The first option on the welcome screen.
  2. On the Data & Personalization Screen, tick the two boxes confirming/opting into GigaPay. Then tap continue.
  3. Enter your PayMaya Log In Details and check your PayMaya enrolled number for the OTP to link and connect both accounts.
  4. You will get One Time Pin Screen.
  5.  Congrats, you have just linked your PayMaya account with GigaLife!

That’s it! Your Paymaya account is now linked to your Gigalife app.

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