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Duterte grants Gratuity pay for Job Order & Contractual workers in Gov’t 2020

There are a lot of workers in the government that is under Job Orders and Contract of Service. These employees don’t receive the same benefits that regular employees get since they have no employer-employee relationship with the government.

As per Administrative Order No. 38 entitled authorizing the grant of the Gratuity Pay for the Fiscal year 2020. President Duterte grants Job Orders and Contracts of Service Workers in the Government their year-end gratuity pay not exceeding P3,000.

Grant of Gratuity Pay

All workers will get a one-time gratuity pay not exceeding to P3,000 each with the following conditions:

  • Engaged through JO and COS,
  • Rendered a total of 4 months of satisfactory performance as of December 15, 2020,
  • Whose contracts are still effective as of the same date,

For those who have rendered less than 4 months of satisfactory performance as of December 15 will be granted the one-time gratuity pay depending on the length of service. Refer to the table below.

Length of ServiceAmount of Gratuity Pay
3 months or more but less than 4 monthsNot exceeding P2,000
2 months or more but less than 3 months Not exceeding P1,500
Less than 2 months Not exceeding P1,000


The order shall cover workers whose services are engaged through JO and COS by the national government agencies, state universities, and colleges, government-owned or controlled corporations, and local water districts.

Funds required to implement the Order will be sourced from the respective budgets of the offices concerned.

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Administrative Order No. 38

Here is a copy of the Administrative Order No. 38 for your reference.

Download it here


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