Duterte to Grant Salary Hike for Gov’t Workers

Government workers including teachers and nurses will receive an increase in salary for 2020. They will get a 15% pay hike over 3 years in SSL 5.

The Duterte administration is set to spend PHP110 billion for the higher pay hike and will spread the amount over a three year period to achieve it.

Albay Representative Joey Salceda who heads the House ways and means committee said using the study commissioned by GCG-DBM, the proposed SSL 5 is expected to raise the salaries of government workers by 15 percent from 2020-2022. It will be a 5% increase annually.

Salceda said the proposed 2020 national budget already provides for PHP32 billion in wage increase and PHP4 billion for miscellaneous benefits.

The salary hike proposal would favor government employees belonging to lower salary grades (SG 1-17) with higher increases, while those in SG 18-33, including the President and Congressmen, will receive lower increases, Salceda noted.

Salary Grade 1 is the lowest pay level which ranges from 11,068 to 11,732 while the Salary Grade 33 has the highest rate which ranges from P388,096 up to P399,739. Nurses and Teachers has Salary Grade 11 while SG 33 is reserved for the President.

“The adjustments will preserve and somewhat improve the purchasing power of civil servants taking into account the consumer price inflation of 3.4 percent over the past three years and forward estimates on the 3-year inflation of 2-4 percent per year”.according to Salceda.

Source: PNA

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