Metro Manila Curfew imposed starting March 15, 2021

The Metro Manila Council has agreed to implement uniform curfew hours in the National Capital Region starting Monday, March 15, according to MMDA Chairperson Benhur Abalos Jr., the curfew hours will be from 10 pm to 5 am and will last for two weeks.

This is in connection with the Covid19 surge in Metro Manila and would be lifted once there is a decrease in the number of covid cases during the 14 days curfew hours.  Essential workers are exempted in the curfew Abalos said but they have to present their company ID when authorities check them out.  On the other hand, Fast food and Restaurants will be allowed to operate 24 hours but dine-ins are prohibited. So this will be for take-outs and persons on the go.

President Duterte said earlier that he would reopen the economy in a matter of weeks because Filipinos need to return to work to bring back the economic stability of our country.  The Inter-Agency Task Force previously said it would review this week its decision to loosen restriction so that citizens can now enjoy a more normal life since the pandemic began. We are hoping that the curve of the virus will flatten soon because the rolling up of the vaccine had already started.

We all know the on and off curfews that had been implemented throughout the country because of the highs and lows of the virus curve. We are still experiencing a surge of new cases of covid19 every day that’s why we have to bring back curfews, and the IATF is finding ways to lessen the infected areas especially in the National Capital Region where the majority of cases had been listed.

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I believe the transition for curfew will go smoothly because people today are not used to going out to parties, going to bars, and such. Most of them rather stay at home and just enjoy the company of their loved ones or friends. Gone are those days when you can go out and stay late until sunrise. Maybe in a couple of years, everything will return to normal and you can enjoy again going out without reprimand or without being checked. So we have to buckle up and follow what the authorities are implementing so that we can be part of the solution rather than be part of the problem.

I miss traveling to Metro Manila even though they already loosen the restriction but still with this kind of curfew we can’t travel. But we understand the local government unit in implementing such restriction, which is for the betterment of their constituents and to ready ourselves for the normalcy that the president is trying to achieve.

This is a consensual effort on the part of all the Mayors to achieve a covid19 free NCR because they are the center of commerce in our country and what better way to start to go on with our lives than having a free virus Metro Manila. We hope we achieve it soon.

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