Comelec Precinct Finder | Online search of voter precinct & status

The Comelec put up an online precinct finder where you can search your precinct to know right away where you are assigned on the day of the election. You will be able to know your voting status as well as your precinct number.

To start, click You will then be redirected to another page.

On the first page there is a disclaimer that says:

This Site is designed to do an exact match of the data you provide vs what is in the COMELEC central database as of the 11 November 2021 ERB Hearing. Make sure to type in your voter information as indicated in your Application Form for Registration in order to get a positive result.

By proceeding with accomplishing this Form, you give consent to the processing of your personal information by the Commission on Elections pursuant to its mandate in relation to voter registration.

Then you have to provide the requested information where you have to tick the circle to know what your location if it is local or overseas.

Then a dropdown menu will show the text of your First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name. Along with it is the place of registration Province, City/Municipality and then you have to check the Captcha and then tap the search button.

After that there is another pop up that says:

 Are you sure you want to proceed with the information you have entered?

If there are corrections that have to be made, you may still edit your information.

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DATA PRIVACY NOTICE: Please be reminded that NO PERSONAL INFORMATION is being stored in the database. Your personal information are only being used to search and verify your voter registration status.

And then click proceed.

The status will be shown if what precinct are you in or if there was no record found.

That’s It!

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