ra 11363

A new law will establish a Philippine Space Agency

On August 8, 2019, President Duterte signed a law known as the Philippine Space Act. It was released to the media on a later date (August 13).

RA 11363 establishes both the Philippine Space Agency and the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy.

The law was signed to ensure that the Philippines has official representation in the international space community.

Importantly, Duterte recognized the need to create a coherent and unified strategy for space development to keep up with other nations in terms of Space Science and Technology Applications (SSTA).

Under this law, the PHILSA will be the central government agency to address all national issues and activities related to SSTA.

Furthermore, the PHILSA will be responsible for the planning and developing the national space program in line with the Philippine Space Policy.

The law also establishes the Philippine Space Development and Utilization Policy. This will serve as the country’s primary strategic roadmap for space development. It will also embody the goal of our country to become a space capable and space-faring nation within the next decade.

Moreover, it also creates the Philippine Space Council (PSC). This will be the principal advisory body for the coordination and integration of policies, programs, and resources affecting science and technology applications.

Source: Official Gazette and pna.gov.ph

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