UnliData 599: Unlimited data for 30 days

With the rise of mobile web browsing (thanks to smartphones like Apple’s iPhone) and other online activities, many telecommunication providers are feeling pressure to offer unlimited data selections once again. Let’s dive into another unlimited data of Smart the UnliData 599.

UnliData 599

You can now have the UnliData 599 for all sites and apps for 30 days, this is best for personal use because of usage restrictions and some sort of speed throttling for Fair Use Policy, but nonetheless, if this is for your personal use only then it is enough to cover your online desire of unlimited data.

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Streaming quality will reduce to 720p, not in 4k but it is enough to cover the HD quality especially if you are using your mobile phones. The 599 pesos promo price for unlimited streaming and unlimited surfing will definitely entice you to avail and subscribe to it.

You can register for this promo by going to your GigaLife App and look for UnliData 599 under different promos on the app.

Try it now and see for yourself how fast the connection of UnliData 599 is. Smart Bro Pocket WiFi, smartphones, and tablets will be compatible with this promo.