Student Fare Discount Act Signed into Law

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte signed new laws. One of these is the Student Fare Discount Act.


What is a Student Fare Discount Act?

Republic Act (R.A.) 11314 also known as the Student Fare Discount Act gives students a 20 percent discount in different public transport.

Previously, the student discount only covered land public vehicles. But with this new law, all public transportation – land, air, and ship transport are included.


The discount includes all kinds of public transportation utilities. This involves public utility buses and jeepneys, taxis, and other similar vehicles-for-hire, tricycles, passenger trains, aircraft, and marine vessels for the entire time that they are enrolled.

On the contrary, any service covered by a contract or chartered agreement is not included. These cover school service, shuttle service, and tourist service.

How can students avail the discount?

It is very easy to avail the discount. No need for registration. Students must only need to present their duly issued school identification cards to avail the discount.

Also, the fare discount is all year round inclusive of weekends and holidays.


Postgraduate degrees and informal students cannot avail of this grant. Informal short term courses include dancing, swimming, music and driving lessons, and seminar-type courses.

The law also provides that the qualified student cannot avail double discounts.

If there is a promotional fare imposed by private entities which operate public transportation such as airlines and shipping lines, students have the option to choose between the promotional fare and the regular fare less the discount.

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Sonny Angara authored the bill. According to him, it will help a lot of students to save.