QC Vax Easy Registration Guide: Quezon City Vaccination Portal

The Quezon City Government urges its citizens to register for the Covid 19 vaccination. There are three ways to register for the Quezon City Vaccination. First is through the EzConsult website, second is via QC Vax easy website and lastly through the barangay assisted booking. Unfortunately, the first option would not be possible anymore after Quezon City terminates Zuellig Pharma’s EzConsult deal after the system crashes anew. So we will be focusing on the second option which is the QC Vax Easy Registration.

QC Vax Easy is the city government’s online assisted booking system. Through QC Vax Easy, the Quezon City local government aims to expand the ways to ensure that QCs or QC workers can register and be vaccinated towards population protection.

QC Vax Easy Registration Step by Step Guide

STEP 1: Visit the qc vax easy portal by clicking this link qceservices.quezoncity.gov.ph/qcvaxeasy

STEP 2: Click Continue without a QCeServices Account button. However, if you have an existing account, use your QCeServices account and enter your QCeServices email address and password.

STEP 3: Fill out the necessary details in QC VAX EASY REGISTRATION. Tap submit and confirm submission of your data

STEP 4: Wait for the schedule of your vaccination via SMS.

Note: You will ONLY receive a text message with your confirmed schedule; date, time, and vaccination site when vaccines are available.

Source: Quezon City Website