POEA hiring caregivers in israel

POEA announces hiring of 500 caregivers in Israel. Apply Now!

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announces that Israel is hiring 500 caregivers. If you are interested to apply, read the details below.

Job Description:

Homebased Caregivers should provide diligent and skilled caregiving
assistance to Persons with Disabilities including elderly disabled persons in
Israel (hereinafter: PWD’s) in order to assist the PWD in carrying out activities of daily living including:

  1. Household management, as reasonably required for the personal needs of the PWD, such as dressing, bathing, and cleaning, toileting, and/or
    diapering, food preparation, cooking, eating, feeding, and cleanup,
  2. Giving prescribed medications, supervision, lifting, transferring, cleaning of PWD living quarters, purchases, laundry and
  3. Accompanying the PWD outside the home, as well as any special duties
    are required in order to take care of the PWD
  4. Special duties as set out in Annex A
    QePu2&export=download) of the Special Employment Contract
  5. As per instructions given to the Caregiver by the Employer or his representative.
  • Please note that there are 2 versions of the SEC version one for cases in which the PWD is himself the employer of the Caregiver and the second for cases in which a family member or legal representative of the PWD will be the official employer of the Caregiver.
  • In both cases, the Caregiver’s duties will be to care for the PWD and the caregiver will live in the PWD’s home, during the regular workweek.

Workplace and Work Week

Work Week – The regular workweek of the Caregiver will be six (6) days a week and the Caregiver agrees to be available to care for the Employer throughout the workweek, as a live-in caregiver, provided that the Caregiver is given reasonable breaks from active work for relaxation, personal needs, and sleep.

  • The regular workplace will be the home of the PWD (Version 2), located at his address as set out above in this SEC or any updated address of the PWD.
  • The regular workweek of the Caregiver will be six (6) days a week, and the Caregiver agrees that he will be available to care for the PWD throughout the workweek, as a live-in caregiver, provided that the Caregiver is given reasonable breaks from active work for relaxation, personal needs, and sleep. Aside from the reasonable breaks, the Employer will endeavor to provide the Caregiver with at least eight (8) rest hours, subject to the special needs of the PWD.
  • The Caregiver’s duties are counted among those that require a special degree of personal trust, as stipulated in the Work and Rest Hours Law, 5711-1951. In addition, the Caregiver will reside in the accommodation
    provided by the Employer in the home of the PWD. Thus, as per Israeli case law, the Caregiver will not be entitled to remuneration for overtime hours.
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Estimated minimum salary

a. Gross Monthly Minimum Wage – before permitted legal deductions 5300 NIS (5300 New Israeli Shekels which is approximately 1500 USD at the October 2020 exchange rate of 3.52 NIS to 1 USD).

b. Deductions from salary – From the above gross salary the employer will deduct monthly sums as follows (approximate): caregiver’s contribution to private medical insurance- up to 144 NIS, caregiver’s contribution to housing, property tax, water electricity provided by the employer – up to 563 NIS (this sum varies according to the area of Israel in which the PWD resides and whether the PWD owns or rents his home– please see details in SEC addendum and/or Rights Booklet) as well as any sum owed by the Caregiver to the Employer if agreed in writing in a language the Caregiver understands, up to a maximum of 25% of the monthly wage monthly. If the caregiver agrees in writing, some of the wages may be paid in the reasonable market value of food and drink provided to the Caregiver by Employers in the workplace.

c. The Caregiver will be responsible for all his expenses in Israel, including but not limited to food not provided as above in the workplace, toiletries, telephone, clothing, cable tv if he desires such, internet, travel, changing and/or transferring salary paid in NIS abroad in USD or other currency, etc. Please be aware that the cost of living in Israel is high. Other benefits – – as set out in SEC attached.


  • They are at least 23 years of age.
  • They are at least 1.5 meters tall and weigh at least 45 kg.
  • They have successfully undergone at least 760 hours of relevant training, have passed examinations, and have received TESDA certification, certifying them as caregivers eligible for overseas placement, or have received a diploma which certifies that they have graduated from a 4 year nursing or physical therapy college course approved by the Philippine Government.
  • Their English language proficiency enables them to communicate with relevant bodies in Israel.
  • They have successfully completed at least 12 years of schooling.
  • They have never previously worked in Israel.
  • They do not have parents, a spouse, or children currently working or residing in Israel.
  • They are physically and mentally healthy, do not suffer from diseases or from chronic medical conditions including (but not limited to) tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and AIDS; and are capable of difficult caregiving work in Israel.
  • They have a clean National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) records from the Philippines.
  • They have Philippine citizenship.
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How to apply?

Each applicant shall initially file his application with POEA via online
registration procedure as follows:

a.1 Visit the POEA e-registration website by clicking this link: www.onlineservices.poea.gov.ph
a.2 Under e-Registration, click “Let’s Go”. Then type your registered email and password to log in.
Note: If you don’t have an e-Registration account yet, click the “Register” link. Then click the “I Accept the Terms of Use” to continue, fill-up the form with your personal data then click “Register”

Important: Complete all your credentials and information in e- registration before applying.

Reminder: Do not create multiple accounts to avoid unnecessary impediments in your future transactions.

a.3 Click the “Apply” button in the e-Registration dashboard to continue. (Announcement regarding application for home-based caregivers for Israel is visible in the dashboard).
a.4 Answer all questions then submit by clicking the “Submit” button
a.5 POEA will then evaluate your submitted online application.

Schedule of Interview and Submission/Verification of documents will be posted in your e-registration account
Print your schedule, since it will serve as your Appointment Slip in POEA.

Each applicant will present the originals of the required documents and submit one (1) set of photocopies fastened in a folder labeled with his full name and E-registration number at the relevant POEA office.

Each applicant shall present proof and declare that he meets all qualifications and shall be asked to sign a Declaration and Undertaking which includes a waiver of confidentiality of information.
Each applicant will then receive from POEA a registration card confirming receipt of the applicant’s complete documents.

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The applicant can thereafter check the status of his application with POEA.
The details of the applicants who have fulfilled the preconditions will be transferred by POEA to the relevant Israeli authorities. The Israeli Authorities will check that there is no migration limitation on the applicants in the final list (such as prior work in Israel or first degree relatives in Israel etc.) and will remove from the database any such applicants and inform POEA of the reason for such, so POEA can inform the removed applicants.

Documentary requirements:

a. Print-out of E-Registration account
b. Certificate of online Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar (PEOS)
c. TESDA NC II for Caregiver with a copy of Training Certificate from a
TESDA accredited Training Center
d. Scanned copy of Passport (data page, valid for at least three (3) years)
e. NBI Clearance NBI Clearance – six (6) months from the date of
f. Copy of Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
g. Copy of UMID ID
h. Copy of Driver’s License (if any)
i. Other requirements or criteria as may be specified by PIBA

  1. Start of Applicants’ e-registration – Monday, 16 November 2020
  2. Dates for submitting a complete application to POEA (To be scheduled)

Deadline of Submission

Submission for ISRAEL HOMEBASED CAREGIVERS is Extended. Deadline of submission of applications for applicants from the POEA Regional Offices: February 25, 2021, while Applicants from the Central Office (POEA – Ortigas): February 26, 2021

For more details: Read the PDF below:

14 thoughts on “POEA announces hiring of 500 caregivers in Israel. Apply Now!”

  1. Tita M Villanueva

    Would like to inquire if you accept a 67yo female, single and still strong and a former OFW as Nurse in KSA. I completed my contract as a Nurse at King Fahd Specialist Hospital at 60yo (2013) to take care of my mother (bedridden) for 5 years. My mother died at the age of 99yo (2018). I am at home now and no job, I hope and pray that you will accept my application. Please inform me in case you need my service.

  2. Jhelyne costales

    Im interested to apply..work as nanny in ksa for 7years..last 2 years i takingcare autistic child. Shes 17 years old..and after that i work again as nanny in dammam this month of January i came here in philippine.. And try again to apply new job.. any job its ok like caregiver.. Yes i dont have certificates as of caregiver but i know how i care old, special child, bedridden its ok for me..

  3. Jhelyne costales

    Im interested to apply in Israel.i know how to takingcare of special child and bedridden..yes i dont have certificates for caregiver..but im willing to train and work lIke caregiver.i workas nanny for 6years in ksa.and last 2years i takingcare autistic child shes 17 uears old.i love work to taking care bedridden and autistic or special child.

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