OWWA EASE Scholarship for Children of Returning OFW affected by Covid-19

The Overseas Workers and Welfare Administration (OWWA) launches its educational assistance for qualified children of Returning OFW affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the EASE Scholarship program?

The project EASE or the Educational Assistance through Scholarship in Emergencies is an educational assistance program of OWWA. It aims to provide educational assistance to qualified college-level dependents of active OWWA member-OFWs whose employment were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benefits of EASE educational assistance?

OWWA EASE project will provide educational assistance of PHP10,000.00 per annum for a maximum of 4 years to a qualified dependent of an OWWA member-OFW with active membership status at the time of their repatriation to the country from the declaration of the outbreak on 01 February 2020.

Who are qualified?

Project-EASE covers qualified dependent of ACTIVE OFW-members (land-based,sea-based, Balik Manggagawa) at the time of their repatriation to the country from the declaration of the outbreak on 01 February 2020, up until the pandemic is declared controlled and managed by the World Health Organization (WHO) or any other competent authorities.

Eligible dependent of OWWA member-OFWS refers to:

+ Child of married or single parent OFW; or

+ Sibling of single


(a) Those with existing Scholarship Grants under (ODSP, EDSP, ELAP-Education and CMWSP

(b) In-active OWWA Members; and

(c) Undocumented workers

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What are the requirements for EASE Scholarship?

1. Accomplished Application for Project-EASE: ease.owwa.gov.ph accessible online through the OwWA website. (http://www.owwa.gov.ph/forms/ease.pdf)

2. Submit to OWWA RWO e-mail indicated copies of the following

a. Valid Passport

b. Flight ticket of the boarding pass or arrival stamp/sticker attached in the Passport evidencing return to the country from 01 February 2020 onwards;

c. Official Receipt or other proof of OWWA Membership, for validation;

d. Proof of relationship to the OFW may be any of the following:

d.1. Birth certificate of the child if the active member-OFW is married or single parent; or

d.2. CENOMAR of OFW and birth certificate of OFW and the sibling, if the active OWWA member-OFW is single;

e. Certificate of Grade of the dependent. (Certificate of grades/proof of grades from the last School Year/Semester attended with passing marks in all subjects from the last School Year/Semester attended, students may be an incoming freshman or currently enrolled.)

How to apply?

  • Qualified ACTIVE OWWA member-OFWs who returned to the country from 01 February 2020 onwards shall file the applications for their designated child-beneficiary at the online platform by clicking this link http://ease.owwa.gov.ph and submit all the required documents through the OWWA RWO e-mail.
Online platform of OWWA EASE
  • The applicant shall receive a serial reference/ tracking number via SMS or e-mail, for monitoring of the status application.
  • Applicants who submitted incomplete or invalid requirements shall be notified via SMS or e-mail of the lacking/invalidated requirements.
  • Approved application shall be issued a downloadable and printable Scholarship Agreement on-line, for signature and notarization. Signed and notarized Scholarship Agreements are sent back via any courier service to the concerned RWO.
  • Qualified beneficiaries of the Project-EASE will be announced and payment of the assistance shall be thru bank remittance direct to the bank account of student-beneficiary.
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OFW couples who are both eligible for the program shall be entitled to only one (1) slot.

Availment of this Program shall not be a deterrent in applying for OFW Dependent Scholarship Program (ODSP) and Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP) provided that the OWWA member-OFW’s dependent meet the eligibility and qualification requirement of the program/s.

Qualified beneficiaries of the Project-EASE must have an active account number in their name to receive the remittance annually.

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