LTO Portal: How to register on the LTMS Portal Online

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has launched a new online system called Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) that makes submitting your driver’s license application and renewal, student permit application, or vehicle registration renewals more convenient than ever.

The LTO is switching to the Internet as part of its move into tomorrow’s normal; this means future transactions will be done digitally instead of on paper forms like in previous years! The new LTMS online portal has a lot of services it offers. It allows you to apply for and renew your vehicle registration as well as your driver’s license.

Here are other transactions that you can do with LTO’s LTMS.

  • Driver’s license application and renewal.
  • Payment of Driver’s License
  • Replacement of lost/damaged license.
  • Conversion of foreign driver’s license to local driver’s license (professional and non-professional)
  • Reclassification of driver’s license from non-professional to professional.
  • Additional restriction code or category request
  • Certificate of No Apprehension request
  • Request for Submit position papers for contested cases of traffic violations
  • Revision of records
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Access their e-learning module to prepare for the LTO CDE Validating Exam.

LTO Portal (LTMS)

The LTMS is a platform where the public can do their transactions online. It can process various online transactions including driver/conductor’s application for renewal of licenses, requests for revision of records, and requests for Certificate of No Apprehension.

Moreover, motorists may also settle traffic violations by paying fines online or at any LTO District Office Cashier

The LTO portal is a big help, especially in this time of crisis where social distancing is a must. It will not only reduce your contact with others, but it is also very convenient since you can register and do your transaction at home using your phone or computer.

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LTMS Portal Registration: How to Register to LTO Portal?

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is now accepting applications for driver’s licenses and vehicle registration renewals through its new online system, the LTMS. Lifting this process off of paper will make future transactions more convenient than ever before!

You can learn how to use these services by following along with our easy-to-read guide below:

LTO Portal Registration is easy and fast.

LTO online portal
  • Visit the LTO online portal by going to this link:
  • Click register and tick the box for the terms of the agreement. Fill out the captcha form.
  • Select what type of registration you would like. Choose individuals for individual registrants.
  • They will then ask if you have a Philippine driver’s license.
  • Individuals who already have a license will be asked for the following information: Driver’s/conductor’s license number, Expiry date, and Official receipt number (or mother’s maiden name if you no longer have your receipt).
  • Meanwhile, if you are a first-time applicant, you will be asked to give the following details: Your name, birthday, sex, and Mother’s maiden name.
  • For alien residents, they will first be asked about their info such as an alien certificate of the registration number, expiry date, and nationality before they can provide their personal details.
  • Input your mobile number and email address.
  • The LTO will then send a verification link to your email, so make sure that the email you give is active. Click the link to activate your registration and complete your profile by supplying the rest of the information needed.
  • You will then be assigned a 15-digit number which you can use to sign in with the LTO online portal. It will serve as your username so make sure to write or remember it.
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After you finish with the registration, you can now choose the transaction you want on your dashboard. As of this time, the services available in the LTMS are licensing, transactions, documents, and profiles.

You must have an LTMS account if you want to apply for a student permit, a new driver’s license, or a renewal of your driver’s license. You also need to pass the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) exam to get your license. Here’s how to get CDE Certificate in the LTMS portal?

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