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Pilot Face-to-Face Classes Guidelines in the Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte approved the implementation of pilot face-to-face classes in 120 low-risk areas schools in the country after the Department of Education (DepEd) proposed a pilot run for face-to-face classes which includes kindergarten.

On how the schools were picked was based on the guidelines laid down by the Department of Education and Department of Health to ensure the safety of the students and teachers.

Face-to-Face Classes Guidelines

According to DepEd, Pilot Face-to-face classes will observe Stringent Health Standards and extreme precautions. Here are some guidelines.

Participating Schools (public and private)

The pilot implementation of the face-to-face classes will be participated by a maximum of 100 public schools located in areas categorized as MINIMAL RISK and passed the READINESS ASSESSMENT and an Additional 20 private schools subject to joint validation by DepEd and DOH.


For parents that are worried about the said implementation of face-to-face, there are conditions set for the school and the student to join the pilot test. It will be shared responsibility among DepEd, DOH, LGUs, and parents, Concurrence of the LGU, and parents’ consent are required.

Here are some conditions listed by the DepEd.

  • Schools must be located in low risk areas based on the criteria set by the Department of Health.
  • Must have passed the safety assessment using the school safety assessment tool of DepEd.
  • Have the support of the local government unit in the form of a resolution or letter of support.
  • Participating schools must have the written support and consent of parents of students who shall participate in the pilot.  No learner shall be forced to attend the pilot implementation of face-to-face classes.
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Learners & Class Size

The class size depends on the learner’s grade. For kindergarten there will only have 12 learners per class,16 learners for grades 1 to 3 and Technical vocational students in 5 senior high schools will have 20 learners.

  • Kindergarten: 12 learners
  • Grades 1 to 3: 16 learners
  • Technical-vocational students in 5 Senior High Schools (SHS): 20 learners

Teaching and Learning approach

Face-to-face classes shall be conducted half-day every other week, with participating schools ensuring that class schedules are arranged equitably so that all qualified learners have the opportunity to attend face-to-face classes.

  • Kindergarten to Grade 3: 3 hours maximum
  • Senior High School: 4 hours maximum

*alternating weeks *blended learning

Monitoring and Evaluation

The pilot will be conducted with a combination of face-to-face classes in school and distance learning modalities for two (2) months.

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