How to File Certificate of Candidacy for the Election?

The National and Local elections set by the Commission on Election for the filing of Certificate of candidacy will be on October 1-8, 2021 (including Saturday and Sunday) 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The Comelec under Resolution 10695 has also set the campaign period for candidates in national positions (President, Vice-President, Senator, and party-list groups) from Feb. 8, 2022, to May 7, 2022, while on the other hand local elective positions (members of House of Representatives and regional, provincial, city, and municipal officials), campaigning begins only on March 25, 2022, but also ends on May 7, 2022.

How to File Certificate of Candidacy for the Election?

These are the steps on how to file for a certificate of candidacy:

1. Accomplish 5 copies of the COC using the form prescribed by COMELEC for the position aspired for:

  • Get the COC forms from any COMELEC office or you can download it here.
  • Fill out the form completely, both the front and back pages, according to instructions.
  • Have your COC sworn to or notarized before a notary public or any official authorized to administer oath.
  • Affix a passport-size photograph taken within the last 6 months.
  • Attach your Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA), if applicable.
  • Attach a P30.00 documentary stamp to one of the original copies of the COC. Write the documentary stamp tax number on the remaining 4 copies of the COC.
  • Attach a bio-data and program of government, if desired.

2. File the 5 copies of your COC, together with the CONA, if applicable, with the correct COMELEC office:

  • Personally; or
  • Through an authorized representative, with a sworn and signed Authority to File the COC
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Here are some important points to consider:

  • An aspirant who files a COC for more than one office shall not be eligible for any of them. However, the aspirant may file with the proper office a sworn Statement of Cancellation to maintain the desired office and cancel the COC for the other office/s.
  • Any COC filed with the incorrect office shall be deemed as not filled.
  • No COC filed by mail, electronic mail, telegram or facsimile shall be accepted.
  • A COC not in the form prescribed by the COMELEC for the position aspired for an incomplete COC, or those filed beyond the prescribed period shall not be accepted.
  • The venue for filing COC may be transferred if the designated venue is not suitable based on the IATF-EID Guidelines on COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Source: Comelec