Early registration 2020: opens Feb 1 to March 6

The Department of Education announces the opening of early registration for SY 2020-2021. The early registration opens February 1 (Saturday) to March 6 (Friday) for Kindergarten and Grades 1,7, and 11 learners. However, incoming grades 2-6, grades 8-10, and grade 12 are considered pre-registered.

What is early registration?

Early registration is the pre-registration of incoming kindergarten, grades 1, and 11 learners which takes place prior to the opening of classes.

During early registration, learners aged 6-12 shall be enrolling in basic education for the first time shall be enrolled in appropriate grade levels in the basis of the following:

  1. Completion of Kindergarten Catch up Education program- learners shall be enrolled in grade 1.
  2. PEPT Result- The learner shall be enrolled in the appropriate grade level based on the result of PEPT.

Learners aged 13 and above who shall be enrolling in basic education for the first time shall be advised to undergo the ALS program.

Early Registration 2020

Please read these important reminders before proceeding to your respective registration areas:

– 5 years old on or before August 31, 2020

Grade 1
– Kinder completer
– PEPT passer for Kinder level
– Non-Kinder completer but at least 6 years old on or before August 31,
2020, has undergone KCEP, and assessed as Grade 1-ready as
per ECD checklist (DO 47, s. 2016)

Grade 7
– Grade 6 completer
– PEPT passer for Grade 6
– ALS A&E Elementary passer

Grade 11
– Grade 10 completer
– PEPT passer for Grade 10
– ALS A&E Secondary passer (2018 or earlier)

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Documentary Requirements

1. Basic Education Enrolment Form (Annex 2, DO 3, s. 2018)
2. School Improvement Plan (SIP) Child Mapping Tool (Annex 1, DO 44, s. 2015)
3. Birth certificate for Kinder & Grade 1 (in the absence of PSA/NSO birth certificate, Local Civil Registrar (LCR) birth certificate, baptismal or barangay certificate shall be submitted

Requirements for Transferees

Learners from public or private schools in the Philippines who shall transfer shall submit their SF 9 (Formerly Form 138) or a letter certifying the last grade level the learner completed signed by the School registrar.

Read the Basic Education Information Policy for more information.

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