DOLE Certificate of Unemployment online application NCR

DOLE Certificate of Unemployment is needed for those who wants to apply for the SSS Unemployment Benefit assistance. It is now possible to apply online through DOLE NCR Filing Services. See our Guide for the online application for Certificate of Unemployment below.


DOLE Certificate of Unemployment online application NCR

Step 1

Go to the website of DOLE NCR by clicking this link

Step 2

From the website of DOLE, scroll down and look for Request for Certificate Of Involuntary Separation for SSS. Click that button.

Step 3

You will then be required to fill out a google form. Since the online forms of Dole are powered by google forms. You will need a google account or Gmail account to access this. You can use either your laptop or even your smartphone.

Step 4

Read the Data Privacy Consent Notice before proceeding. If you agree, type your email address to the bottom to register.Then click next to proceed. Continue Filling out the forms until you reach the last page.

Step 5

In attachment of Identification Card, you need to attach a proof of your identity. This is for verification purposes. Just Click the “Add File” button. Just follow the uploading instructions.

Step 6

Click the submit button to receive a copy of responses thru provided e-mail address. A confirmation page will appear after clicking the submit button. Once done, check acknowledgement message sent to your provided email address.

For the status of your request, the DOLE will contact you either through your mobile phone or email address.

For other regions, you can check for their websites.

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